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Looking for a New Semi-Automatic Washing Machine? Check Out Ace XL from Whirlpool

Looking for a New Semi-Automatic Washing Machine? Check Out Ace XL from Whirlpool

Whirlpool has been solving the dirtiest of laundry dilemmas for years and offers a wide range of washing machines to fit your specific requirements.

Doing laundry can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a washing machine is a lifesaver that not only cleans every speck of dirt on your clothes but also saves you precious time. In fact, it is the one household appliance that most of us cannot do without.

Whirlpool has been solving the dirtiest of laundry dilemmas for years and offers a wide range of washing machines from basic budget models to more sophisticated and higher-capacity models to fit your specific requirements.

They have another ace up their sleeve, that is the Ace XL semi-automatic washing machine, to make your laundry cleaning experience convenient. It comes in three capacities 10.5, 9.5 and 9 kg and with a wide option of colours like graphite grey, coral-red, royal purple, and silver-grey. The ACE XL packs a lot of features like the 3D scrub technology, 3D Lint Filter, 3D Turbo Impeller, etc. at an attractive price starting at just ₹15,000 which allows you to meet your everyday laundry needs at just the right cost! The ACE XL is also the proud winner of the IF Design Award for its Bold Aesthetics. Both performance and design combined make this washing machine a clear leader in the category.

Some of the features of the Whirlpool ACE XL washing machine that set it apart from the rest of the Semi-Automatic washing machines available in the market are:

Washes up to 14 King Size Bed Sheets in one go

Worried about the laundry load piling up? Unsure if you will still get the desired cleaning even as the laundry piles up? Worry not. With a large capacity of up to 10.5kg and a unique 3D Turbo Impeller, the ACE XL ensures that you get a superior wash, even with heavy loads. With its spring-loaded 3D scrub pads that rotate the clothes in an up-and-down motion, it can easily remove the toughest dirt off your clothes washing as many as 14 king-size bed sheets in one go!

Removes 10 Tough Stains

Stains like ketchup, coffee, oil, fruit juice, and even shoe polish continuing to bother you? Now make these worries a matter of the past with the ACE XL that can remove up to 10 different stains with its 3D Scrub technology.

High Spin Capacity: The washing machine is built with a high 1400 RPM speed spin motor that ensures faster and superior drying of even heavy loads in one go

3D Lint Filter

The washing machine is built with an advanced triple-layered filtration process that effectively collects lint and ensures that your clothes stay fresh and clean after every wash.

Hard Water Wash

The unique wash program effectively uses detergent to optimize performance. By adapting the wash cycle thus, dirt and stains can be washed easily even in hard water.

Waterproof and Shockproof Control Panel

The laundry process is incomplete without the occasional water spillage while handling the clothes. Also, washing machines are kept outdoors and many times get damaged in the rain. The ACE XL has this covered with a waterproof and shockproof control panel that protects water from entering into control components. So, confidently carry on with your laundry without worrying about water spillage and maintenance issues.

5 Wash Programs

The ACE XL provides a variety of wash cycles for your varied wash needs. So, choose from Delicate, Gentle, Normal, Normal Plus and Stainwash as per the fabric type and cleaning action required.

Easy Mobility:

Movement of a large washing machine becomes difficult from one place to another; hence the ACE XL comes on wheels and with an integrated handle for easy movement from one place to another.

Winner of IF Design Award

The ACE XL is not only power-packed with all the above features; it is also a visual delight. It’s dark-tinted high gloss lids and control panel, with chrome top knobs and chrome accents at the touchpoint give a premium feel. That why the ACE XL is a proud winner of the IF design award 2019. IF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions which included 6400 entries from over 50 countries this year.

Apart from offering features and looks that deliver an optimum wash performance and making your laundry cleaning experience a pleasant one, Whirlpool ACE XL features a well-built design that ensures durability in the long run. It comes with an anti-corrosive body and a five-year warranty which is a testament of its durability. It also has a 5-star rating for the energy conscious!

Visit your nearest store to buy the Whirlpool ACE XL semi-automatic washing machine or click here and get ready to enjoy a superior wash experience.

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