Meet Shagun Khanna A Health Expert, Beauty Influencer And A Lifestyle Blogger

Meet Shagun Khanna A Health Expert, Beauty Influencer And A Lifestyle Blogger

Today, Shagun is one of the most renowned bloggers in the world.

  • Last Updated: February 10, 2020, 2:07 PM IST
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To call Shagun Khanna just a beautiful woman would seem a tad unfair because her face is the image that would pop straight out of a vintage Barbara Cartland novel- porcelain skin, chiselled features, poise whispering royalty and the demureness of a lady. However, that is where her resemblance to the book character would end because she is no wallflower.

Shagun is a health expert, beauty influencer and a lifestyle blogger. As a mom to two strapping lads and traveling between her homes in New Delhi and London, she manages to keep herself disciplined enough when it comes to food and fitness. Shagun is also an expert jury member for the Vogue India Beauty Awards.

How did your fitness and wellness journey begin? Were you always inclined towards it?

My wellness journey began when I was pregnant with my first son. I found out I had PCOS which meant I naturally had a hormonal imbalance making my skin fluctuate between clear times and times when I broke out. After reading a lot around PCOS, I have gratefully got it all under control. Since then, I have always become inclined toward health, nutrition, fitness and taking care of myself.

What role do meditation and spirituality play in your life and how does it translate to the external self?

I believe in both meditation and spirituality and try to meditate daily – even if it’s for the shortest time. The internal balance positively affects my external harmony – It keeps me grounded and focused. I also use exercise as a great reliever and physical therapy is my non-negotiable.

You obviously travel a lot, how do you manage your food and fitness diary while jet-setting?

I always try and enjoy the food wherever I am as I love different cultures and cuisines. I am, however, always cautious and eat in moderation, controlling my portion size and understanding the ingredients carefully. I also take digestive enzymes to help me break down any heavy food. Sleeping well whilst I’m traveling is also important as resting helps your body work efficiently. I like using a silk eye mask which is gentle on your eyes, lashes, and skin.

What was the biggest challenge in establishing yourself as a blogger?

Creating good content on an everyday basis. There is so much competition and being unique while sticking to the beat is very important and challenging.

Today, Shagun is one of the most renowned bloggers in the world. Via her posts, she inspires generations of young men and women to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Apart from sharing her ideas, thoughts, findings, opinions, and inspirational life story, her blog is a goldmine for make-up tips, home DIY skincare methods, which include Ayurveda, nutrition, wellness, fitness, and what not!

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