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Outdoor Care for Babies during the Monsoons

Outdoor Care for Babies during the Monsoons

Keep Them Dry.

The monsoon is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the gorgeous skies, good food and cosy weather - if you are indoors that is. Going out can be tough, especially on your immunity. For infants, the risk of contracting diseases and getting ill is even more dangerous. Air and water-borne germs or mosquitoes can wreak havoc on your household unless you protect your little one adequately. Here is how you can protect your baby during the rainy season.

1. Stay Away From Dirty Or Crowded Locations

When planning an outing, it’s best to avoid areas where water collects in puddles or flooding is common. Crowded areas should also be avoided as there are higher chances of you or your infant contracting contagious diseases from the people around. To be on the safe side, stick to outings close to home so that you can return quickly and easily in case of heavy showers.

2. Sanitize Your Hands Frequently

It is not enough to pack your baby’s food and drink from home; always remember to sanitize your hands before you feed them. Having dirty hands is one of the most common ways of passing on germs from outdoors into your baby’s system. Always wash your hands before feeding or handling your baby and carry hand sanitizer with you at all times in case clean water is not accessible.

3. Protect Against Mosquitos

From malaria to dengue, mosquitos present huge risks during the monsoon season. Dress your child appropriately, with full-sleeved clothing, long pants and socks or shoes to ensure a minimum amount of skin is exposed. Be vigilant, especially as evening approaches as that is the time when the insects are most likely to strike. Use repellents and infant-friendly patches to keep mosquitoes at bay.

4. Keep Up To Date With Vaccines

Vaccinations are one of the primary ways in which you can protect your baby from a host of harmful diseases. Check with your healthcare provider to be sure that your child’s vaccinations are all up to date, including the influenza vaccine which is recommended yearly.

5. Avoid Outside Food

If you are heading out for long periods or during meal times, carry an appropriate supply of clean drinking water, milk and/or food that your baby may need. You can’t be sure of the kitchen hygiene conditions of restaurants, especially in the monsoons, and you don’t want to risk your child contracting a stomach bug.

6. Layer Up Clothing

The weather can change from hot to cool in a matter of minutes when it rains. To keep your infant comfortable, dress them in light, breathable material such as cotton, and carry additional layers such as jackets, hats and blankets to keep them warm if the temperature drops.

7. Keep Them Dry

To avoid your child catching a chill it is important that they stay dry which might turn out to be quite a task when heading outside in the rain. Carry a clean change of clothes when heading outdoors and a sufficient supply of nappies to change your baby when he or she gets damp or wet.

first published:July 09, 2019, 15:42 IST