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Piran Tarapore Is Set Out On Turning His Dreams Into Reality

By: Anshika Bajpai

Last Updated: January 28, 2020, 13:54 IST

Piran Tarapore Is Set Out On Turning His Dreams Into Reality

Piran Tarapore has lately started to mark his footprints online as an influencer

Everyone always says, “Follow your dreams!” but not everyone does it.

Life interjects bills pile up, and sometimes we have to do jobs we don’t want to do just to make it through the day. However, Piran Tarapore feels that one should dream big since dreams turn into reality. As Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Piran Tarapore got approached to freelance as a content creator for an NYC-based social media marketing startup during his undergrad. While freelancing, Piran simultaneously took up a six-month digital marketing course from one of the leading digital marketing institutes in India and realized his newfound love for marketing within the realm of the digital world. As time passed, Piran realized that there’s a growing market worldwide for digital marketing and online PR services and not many service providers can match up to their client’s individual requirements and requests. He took it onto himself to bridge the service gap and decided to offer tailor-made plans to high-net-worth clients who would like to become new-age influencers on social media according to their requirements and monthly budget. Piran’s team personally services and overlooks the operations and makes sure each and every client’s needs are met. This led to the birth of Pro Digital Nomad and Grow Social Today, two of Piran Tarapore’s first start-ups.

Having achieved considerable success at an early age, Piran revealed that he wouldn’t be able to venture into startups at the age of 21 if he did not dare to dream and take a leap of faith. He consciously decided to quit working for a company and to become a digital entrepreneur. Piran says, “Follow your dreams, make a plan of action and work hard towards realizing them tirelessly. Nothing can stop you once you have prepared yourself mentally to achieve something. Dare to dream and the world will be at your feet!”

Piran Tarapore has lately started to mark his footprints online as an influencer, with an artsy flair. By having a quick glance at his social media, it is safe to say that it looks like he has set himself up to grow exponentially during the year.

Piran said, “It feels great to have the power to influence lives in whatever small way that I currently do. The ability to have a positive impact on someone is self-inspiring in itself and helps me strive to grow and become a better version of myself with every passing day!” during a national radio broadcast for which he was invited as a guest, while he was an exchange participant with AIESEC in Ukraine.

We learned that Piran’s eventual dream is to work at the movies and he is working relentlessly towards realizing that dream. Piran looks to gain appropriate experience in the years to come once he’s back to India on completing his education abroad. We’re excited to see what he has in store for Bollywood. We don’t think Piran Tarapore has any plans to stop turning his dreams into reality anytime soon and wish him all the very best for all of his future endeavors.

first published:January 28, 2020, 13:51 IST
last updated:January 28, 2020, 13:54 IST