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Save big on electricity bills with AI-Powered Panasonic Refrigerators

Save big on electricity bills with AI-Powered Panasonic Refrigerators

The new range of refrigerators from Panasonic is easy to operate, convenient and just right for our lifestyle.

You can call me mom, mother or mummy-in-chief of my home. Either way you look at it, I begin my day caring for my family and end it in the same way. From making sure everyone has balanced meals to ensuring supplies are always enough to feed my army at home, my day is full of planning, strategy, stocking on essentials and making sure no tummy goes hungry ever!

My family’s health and safety begin with me and my lovingly prepared food. Every meal, whether it’s a big breakfast, an office tiffin or a healthy after school snack is accounted for daily. And without the right help, it can be an exhausting task.

Yet ever since we made the smart decision of bringing home our newest family member, I am finally at peace. Panasonic’s AI-powered refrigerator is everything you want in a fridge. The brand has more than a 100-year old legacy and is Japan’s No. 1 appliance brand, and the refrigerator packs a host of features that are great for my family’s health and safety.

No longer am I worried about how I’m going to get things ready for my always hungry family. In fact, meal prep has actually become a time of fun and joy. Let me explain exactly why…

With all of us opening the fridge door over and over again, you’d think our power bills must be enormous. Yet, one of the smartest things our new Panasonic refrigerator does is monitor and analyse our daily usage patterns to optimise cooling 24/7 and still ensure maximum savings, with the help of its smart inverter technology, slashing our power bills by close to 49%. Wow!

The fridge even knows when we are asleep, through sensors that monitor ambient light outside, and use it to slip into energy-saving mode. There are no changes in how we live, yet we get huge savings in our power bills. How’s that for a kitchen partner that works just as hard and smart as you do?

Being an inverter refrigerator, it makes ice cubes in almost half the time than a normal fridge. Now, kala khatta ice lollies in summer or perfectly chilled grapes and strawberries all year round are no problem at all. The Prime Fresh section lightly freezes the surface, perfectly maintaining the nutritional value of foods and removing the need to thaw food, especially meat items, when you need to cook up a tasty meal. Now we spend less time thawing food and more time enjoying the preparation and mealtimes.

But perhaps the best things about my new fridge are the smaller details that go into making our food last.

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Besides, I think all my mom friends are envious of just how much space my new fridge has. No longer do I have to fight to fit cartons, bottles and containers - there is enough space for everything. The double vegetable case easily fits a week’s worth of our supplies with no trouble at all. The upper case stores my stock of soft, delicate vegetables and fruits, and the lower, Fresh Safe vegetable case, is ideal to store big, leafy vegetables and fruits. A big advantage of storing vegetables in the Fresh Safe veg case is that it maintains ideal temperature and humidity conditions inside to retain the freshness and juiciness of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, cold air isn’t blown directly on the vegetables, which prevents them from drying out, instead the indirect cooling helps cool them gently and evenly. There’s also a manual humidity controller that lets me adjust the humidity to match the types and quantity of items stored.

Our new Panasonic refrigerator also features Surround Cooling Airflow, which means that the chilled air from the rear panel isn’t falling directly on the food items. Instead, the chilled air is blown upwards and to the sides, in order to gently and evenly cool the food items and vegetables inside. Now, no dry and wrinkled vegetables for me!

Being an inverter refrigerator, it helps me set ice-cubes in almost half the time, which is especially great when we have guests over. Faster freezing also helps seal in the freshness of the week’s groceries and also helps retain their structure. Besides, all of us are grateful that this massive 4-door marvel does all of this super quietly.

My daughter is the reader and researcher of the family and she is particularly impressed by Panasonic’s safety and hygiene features. The Ag Clean Technology deactivates up to 99.9%* of mold and bacteria in the interior of the fridge. At the same time, an active enzyme eliminates any unpleasant odours and takes away that particular “fridge smell” entirely. I’m just thrilled that the fridge not only cools efficiently, but also maintains hygiene and freshness inside. It’s particularly helpful with my son’s allergies, which makes us extra vigilant about bacteria and mold build-up.

My husband is not one to be easily impressed, but even he’s on board with what a superb purchase this turned out to be. What particularly caught his eye, and mine too, was the design and usability that this new refrigerator from Panasonic has to offer. The stylish 4-door fridge is designed for user comfort, with door handles that are convenient and smart. The doors take up little room when opened and they also help prevent cold air from escaping, contributing towards energy savings. That’s the exterior. The interior too, is well-lit with bright LED lights that make the interiors clean and bright looking. It’s never a task finding what I need on the inside of the refrigerator.

I think I’ve finally found my real kitchen BFF. I love everything about it, especially its stylish good looks and bright well-lit interiors that match my minimalist kitchen remodel perfectly. So much thought has gone into the building of this ‘intelligent’ fridge, and it shows.

The new range of refrigerators from Panasonic are easy to operate, convenient and just right for our lifestyle. Finally, I have everything I need to make sure my family’s health and happiness is taken care of every single day.

Panasonic refrigerators are available at all leading retail outlets and you can also buy one on Amazon.

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