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Say Hello to Smart Banking!

Last Updated: May 03, 2019, 11:56 IST

Say Hello to Smart Banking!

It’s time to embrace the new times. It’s time to evolve. It’s time to say hello to smart banking!

Remember those days when any financial transaction meant driving down to the bank, filling out multiple forms, standing in long queues, and speaking to people behind counters? Sounds tedious, but we all did it. Thankfully, those are days of the past. Granted, the physical bank is still pretty useful in many circumstances. But now with smart banking, you have the option of getting your financial dealings done with lightning speed and efficiency. Say hello to smart banking.

It’s faster:
Time is money. In the case of smart banking, it is even more. There is such convenience in performing transactions from your car, or from your couch instead of having in-person conversations after reaching your physical bank. Every bank has realized that in order to retain the customer, their smart banking game needs to be on point.

It’s safer:
Many banks along with their apps also offer software that can help keep your transactions safe, which one should check with the bank beforehand. Also with date being encrypted, and two-three factor authentication required, smart banking is always evolving and getting safer. If preemptive measures are taken to secure your app as well as your phone, there is no reason to be afraid. Also, with smart banking, you can keep a regular check on your banking activities as well.

It’s more transparent:
With smart banking, the control rests in the hands of the user. All the facilities to resolve queries, check balance, transfer money, etc. are available in the smartphone the user holds. All the user needs to do is click or tap on the concerned section and get information in-app, via mail, or a call. Confirmation of the process is also sent across at the same time via mail or messages. The need to reach out to the bank, fill up forms, stand in queues and inquire for every single doubt regarding your own account are gone.

It’s more beneficial:
A lot of revenue will be generated since overhead costs will be reduced due to digitization of banking transactions. This is beneficial not only for the banks, but also for the customers. The banks can in turn reduce costings on various banking and financial products, reduce interests on loans, or lesser service charges etc. Smart banking thus becomes a win-win.

It’s more efficient:
When all banking processes are cashless and paperless, the costs of paper reduce drastically. The bank and the user both are contributing a lot to the environment by cutting down on the amount of paper that is needlessly used in paperwork and form filling, along with physical money.

It’s time to embrace the new times. It’s time to evolve. It’s time to say hello to smart banking!

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first published:May 03, 2019, 11:56 IST
last updated:May 03, 2019, 11:56 IST