There’s never a bad time to buy health insurance

There’s never a bad time to buy health insurance

After all, health emergencies don’t knock before they come.

  • Last Updated: June 23, 2020, 2:26 PM IST
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Times are tough. We are living in the middle of a pandemic that can threaten our health, our safety, and our life at any point if we don’t take adequate measures. After all, India has been struck hard by the coronavirus, with over 3,54,065* confirmed cases across the nation, and over 11,903* death at the time of writing. And we are still counting.

With such times, the uncertainty of life comes to light. We really don’t know when and where an emergency will strike, and we might have no control over it; not unless we have taken preemptive steps to mitigate the repercussions it might have; be it medical or financial. This is when the importance of solid health insurance is realized. COVID-19 or otherwise, that can cover both you and your family is a must-have. And today is a day as better as any, to start working towards it. You can take the first step by choosing the right policy that covers all health-related issues and emergencies.

Selecting the right policy

Currently, there are many COVID-19 specific policies floating around in the market, however, most of them exclude other ailments from the policy, putting you and your family at risk. Hence, you should go for one that covers all ailments including COVID-19, to give all-round protection to you and your loved ones.

Bajaj Allianz, a leading general insurance company in India, offers a Family Health Insurance that not only provides an all-encompassing cover but also comes packed with a slew of benefits. Not to forget, the company has a high claim settlement ratio of around 90% in the last six months*. Under this, you can either cover each member individually or apply for a Family Floater Plan that covers all. This will get you and your family access to cover from the majority of expenses you would incur through pre and post hospitalization, consultations, ambulance services, and treatment charges.

In case you are wondering how to choose from available health insurance plans for family members, we have you covered. You can opt for one right now, and that too right from the comfort of your home. Apply for one online with ease and convenience, along with staying safe!

Here are some of the many aspects that make the Bajaj Allianz Family Health Insurance Policy special:

Multiple Sum Insured Options

With this policy, you get to pick from two plan variants, with the options ranging from Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 50 lacs; your choice.

Sum insured reinstatement

In case you exhaust your insured sum within the policy year, it will be reinstated without any hassles at all!

Convalescence Benefit

If you have been hospitalized for more than 10 days at a stretch, you automatically become eligible for Rs. 5000 benefit payout per year as far as the hospitalization claim is admissible.

Daycare procedures cover

All medical expenses on the listed daycare procedures or surgeries will be covered under this policy.

These are only a few of the many key features that should make you choose the Bajaj Allianz Family Health Insurance Policy.

That is not all. Along with the key features, this policy also comes with a lot of other benefits! Take a look at a few of them:

The ease of renewability

Once you choose this policy, you are set for life. It guarantees to cover you for as long as you desire. With the benefit of lifetime renewal, you get lifetime financial stability from unforeseen situations. In a nutshell, no matter the situation, you can rest assured, for life.

Tax Benefits

As a taxpayer, you can maximise tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, up to a total of Rs 75,000, if you are below 60 years of age and your parents are senior citizens.  If you are above the age of 60 years and are paying a premium for your parents under a medical insurance policy or health insurance for senior citizens, the maximum tax benefit under Section 80D is, then, Rs 1 lakh.

Hassle-Free Claim Settlements

In-house claim settlement team that ensures quick, timely, and round-the-clock assistance and guidance for any settlement queries.


The longer the policy, the better the discounts. If you are going for a 2-year period, you can avail 4% discount. If you choose to opt for 3 years, you can avail 8% discount. You decide!

These and many more benefits await you with the Bajaj Allianz Family Health Insurance Policy. During these tough times, this will enable you to rest assured that any health emergency will not turn into a financial crisis. After all, we could all use an assurance, of our present as well as the future. We hope you make the right choice. Stay safe!


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