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Think Premium Smartphones, Think Flipkart. Here’s why

Think Premium Smartphones, Think Flipkart. Here’s why

This is the best time for people waiting to switch to an iPhone as these phones will now be available at a pocket friendly price with Product Exchange and No Cost EMI.

India’s biggest sale, Flipkart’s Big Billion Days, is just around the corner. This makes it the perfect time to talk about why there’s no better place to consider when buying your next premium smartphone. You see, buying a premium smartphone isn’t just about snagging a great deal. It’s also about having peace of mind in case of returns or being a part of programs such as Flipkart Smart Upgrade. Strap in and let us tell you why Flipkart is the ultimate destination for all your premium smartphone needs.  

Best-in-class Availability 

One of the biggest grouses before buying premium smartphones is the long wait to get your hands on them. This is where Flipkart excels as most smartphone brands stock enough inventory on the site so you can get your hands on the smartphone you need exactly when you need it. 

This includes smartphones across different categories – be it for business, everyday use or hardcore gaming. Whether it’s the superior display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the best premium cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4a, the premium gaming smartphone Asus ROG Phone 3, the superfast Snapdragon 865 processor at affordable prices in the iQOO 3 or simply putting your toes in the premium category with the iPhone SE, there’s a smartphone that will speak to you, no matter what. 

Top-of-the-line premium brands include Samsung Galaxy S20+ series, Note 20, Ultra series, Note and S10 Plus series and Lite series, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone XR, Google Pixel 4a, Motorola Edge+, motorola razr, motorola razr 2, realme X3, realme X3 Super Zoom, realme X50 Pro, vivo X50 Pro, vivo V20, Mi 10T, Mi 10T Pro, iQOO 3 5G and Asus ROG Phone 3 among others. 

For all iPhone lovers, Flipkart is bringing your favourite iPhone SE and iPhone XR at an amazing price. This is the best time for people waiting to switch to an iPhone as these phones will now be available at a pocket friendly price with Product Exchange and No Cost EMI.

Talking about Flipkart's unique exchange program, it allows customers to exchange a working smartphone in any physical condition. Better the condition of the phone, higher the exchange value. So now get your favourite smartphone at a great price with product exchange.

Join The Innovative Flipkart Smart Upgrade Plan 

The Flipkart Smart Upgrade Program allows you to buy premium Samsung smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ by paying just 70 percent of the total cost. Available via purchase through credit card or credit card EMI, the program further allows you to exchange your premium Samsung smartphone after a year for a new one on Flipkart or pay the remaining balance on your smartphone and keep using the device as long as you need. At a time when having as much cash on hand is a good idea, programs like this are the right moves you can make.

Stay Hassle Free Even After Your Purchase  

If you’re worried about your smartphone’s protection after buying, look no further than Flipkart, which offers a Complete Mobile protection plan at a much more affordable rate than other websites as well as having a stellar record for easy redemption and turnaround of claims. 

Get the best out of your new premium smartphone with Flipkart Warranty Assistant that offers complete assistance for in-warranty phone repairs, with doorstep pick-up and drop for a year at just INR 99. If that’s not what you need during this current pandemic, we don’t know what else you do! 

You can also be rest assured that you will receive the best buyback offer for your current smartphone. It’s as simple and honest as getting more value out of your existing smartphone based on what condition it’s in. 

According to an internal survey, premium customers shopping on Flipkart have grown 2.5 times compared to the previous year in August 2020. Clearly, the benefits offered by Flipkart as well as its huge library of premium smartphones have had an effect in bringing back customers. It’s time to get smart and join this ever-growing list of premium customers to reap the benefits of purchasing your next premium smartphone from Flipkart. 

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days Sale will run from 16th-21th Oct with Flipkart Plus customers getting early access starting from 15th Oct, 12 noon. Checkout the Flipkart Store to know more. 

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