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Ways to Spread Awareness about Saving the Girl Child

Representative image (Reuters)

Representative image (Reuters)

Spreading awareness about saving the girl child and women's issues can contribute a lot to empower women in India.

A recent report showed that India’s skewed sex ratio has gotten even worse at 896 from 2015-17. The importance of saving the country’s girl child and improving women’s rights has never been more critical.

Discrimination against women is rampant, and girls are often seen as a burden on the family, resulting in them facing disadvantages in areas of health, education and other aspects of upbringing. Education and awareness can contribute to helping improve attitudes towards the nation’s female population. Every action, no matter how small, can make a difference. Here is how you can help spread awareness about women’s rights and how to facilitate positive change for India’s girl children.

Talk About It

Encouraging a dialogue with those around you at all levels of society can help spread awareness about the plight of the girl child and open peoples’ eyes on how to change their attitudes and behaviours toward women. Whenever possible, talk to your peers, friends, family, employees and household help about how education, opportunities and an unbiased attitude can help families and communities progress.

Encourage Successes Of Girls In The Community

Whether it is your own children, extended family, friends or acquaintances, support young girls and their efforts and victories as much as you can. From educational achievements to extracurricular activities, provide encouragement in any way possible, whether vocally, financially or through practical help.

Support NGOs

There are many nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting women in India, from helping with education access to health and women’s rights. You can opt to volunteer at these NGOs to gain perspective and knowledge on how things function and how you can be of help to promote women’s issues. For those short on time, even contributing financially to these organizations can help them provide resources to the women and girls who need them the most.

Give Girl Children Equal Health Opportunities

Girl children face huge disadvantages when it comes to healthcare in India. In a country where immunization statistics are already not ideal for both sexes, the immunization of girl babies is often even less prioritized than their male counterparts. Immunization is one of the most effective methods of preventing potentially harmful childhood diseases that can have severe long term health consequences that can even result in death. Therefore, stressing on the importance of immunizing all infants and children is crucial in aiding the progress of girls in India.

Spreading awareness about saving the girl child and women's issues can contribute a lot to empower women in India. Promoting equal rights, education and unbiased participation in society and the economy can result in fewer backward practices and the overall progress of our nation.

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