With their new campaign ‘Atrangi Dekho, Atrangi Raho’, ZEE5 celebrates diversity in India

With their new campaign ‘Atrangi Dekho, Atrangi Raho’, ZEE5 celebrates diversity in India


  • Last Updated: June 24, 2020, 7:44 PM IST
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With the lockdown in place since March 2020, content consumption by the audience has seen a huge spike. And India’s largest original content producer is leading the way with massive growth in numbers. Between February 2020 and April 2020, the OTT app saw an 80% watch time growth on connected devices. With a unique premium content library on offer across genres and languages catering to diverse consumer taste clusters, with a mix of Originals, shows, music and movies in 12 languages, the platform has a bespoke catalog of premium content for the audiences across the country.

Celebrating this diverse gathering of people across the country, and the new age audience’s varied choices, ZEE5 has launched its brand new campaign – ‘Atrangi Dekho, Atrangi Raho’. The campaign thought resonates with the quirky and eccentric choices of the audience across the country, and the OTT platform acknowledges it by providing content that is palatable and interesting to one and all, no matter what the demands or the choices are.

Here’s something that will give you an essence of what this means. Here’s Cyrus Sahukar in a virtual fireside chat with Arjan Bajwa and Mukul Dev, talking about their show ‘State Of Siege: 26/11’, along with what it means to be ‘Atrangi’:

This is a very interesting tangent to explore and ZEE5, with its multitude of offerings across regions and languages, is thoroughly prepared to back its idea. A country where great ideas flow every minute, where we are surrounded by creativity, where everyone’s quirks and eccentricities are welcomed and encouraged, ZEE5 complements it perfectly with the vast spectrum of content that it has to offer.

After all, what we watch and what we consume plays a huge part in shaping who we are. As a new age platform, ZEE5 understands changing mindsets and trends of the changing landscape of India and the digital transformation. This campaign is a step in further in strengthening the ZEE5’s connects with their audience and giving them a space to happily be as Atrangi’ as they can.

So download the ZEE5 App right now, by clicking here, and get ready to become a little ‘Atrangi’.

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  • First Published: June 24, 2020, 6:48 PM IST