A Sneak Peek at Amit Shah's Formula 23 for BJP to Achieve Mission 200 in West Bengal

(Image: Twitter/@AmitShah)

(Image: Twitter/@AmitShah)

After winning the Bihar elections, the BJP and its principal strategist have their eyes set on the next big prize, with Mamata Banerjee and her ruling Trinamool Congress standing in the way. And Shah has his game plan all chalked out for 2021.


Payal Mehta

The Bharatiya Janata Party is going all out to win the 2021 West Bengal assembly polls with union home minister Amit Shah leading the charge. Shah has given a 'Mission 200' target to the Bengal state unit of the BJP: the aim is to win 200 of the state's 294 assembly seats. But how will this be achieved?

For that too, Amit Shah has detailed a 'Formula 23' to be followed. Those who have tracked the home minister and senior BJP leader's political journey in Delhi right from 2014 till now would be aware that he believes "there is no reality like ground reality". When he took over the reins of the party in 2014, he propagated the idea that "mera booth sabse mazboot (my polling booth the strongest)" would be one of the best ways to assess the ground situation and win elections. This tried- and-tested formula has rarely failed the BJP as it has won one electoral battle after another, including bettering its 2014 performance during the 2019 parliamentary polls.

So what is Amit Shah's Formula 23? CNN-News18 has been able to access the details exclusively:

The focus would be on getting workers, supporters and locals to download the NaMo app and stay updated with the work being done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government.

At the mandal level, booths will be categorised in A, B, C and D groups. While party workers will focus on category D, office bearers will work on category C. The whole idea is to bring most of these booths to category A, which is where the impact of the BJP is the most, and D is where it is the least.

Contact numbers of the members at the booth must be regularly updated with the party's state headquarters. At least two or three members at a booth must be active in day-to-day affairs.

Booths must organise at least 6 programmes including listening to PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat radio addresses.

A list must be made and updated of people in every booth who have smartphones. Regular membership drives must also be conducted.

Every booth must maintain regular contacts with the BJP's parent body the RSS whose workers are present almost everywhere on the ground.

Contacts must be established with NGOs and self-help groups and also beneficiaries of the Narendra Modi government's central schemes.

The symbol of the BJP, the lotus, has to become visible in at least five prominent places under a booth.

Booth committees will have to be constituted depending on the demographic and social equations to provide equal representation to everyone

Formula 23 also talks about booth strengthening and its subsequent results.

JP Nadda took over as BJP president after a successful stint by Amit Shah. It is under Nadda's guidance that the party will now approach the crucial elections in Bengal, an unfinished agenda on Shah's mind.

As days and weeks progress there will be more and more visits by Nadda, Shah and other senior leaders of the party to Bengal.

In fact, Amit Shah has committed to stay in Bengal for at least eight days a month from January 2021 to help the saffron party achieve its dream of overthrowing Mamata Banerjee from the chair of the chief minister while she seeks her third term.

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