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Aam Aadmi Party gets broom as election symbol

Aam Aadmi Party gets broom as election symbol

The election plank of the AAP is to cleanse India of corrupt politicians and bring transparency to the government.

New Delhi: The Election Commision on Wednesday approved broom as the election symbol for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The party was launched in November 2012 with Arvind Kejriwal being elected as the National Convenor.

The AAP at various instances has exposed alleged scams related to the Congress and the BJP. The party has declared that it will fight the upcoming Delhi Assembly election and has selected an array of candidates to contest the polls.

The AAP, in its press release, said that they are happy that the Election Commission has allotted the party a reserved symbol of 'Broom' for all the 70 assembly constituencies of Delhi.

The party said after its registration, this was the second milestone that the AAP has crossed on its way to cleaning up the polity of the country. The party believes broom symbolizes the dignity of labour. Alleging that other political parties are involved in corrupt practices, the AAP expressed hope that it will be able to curb corruption in the country.

The party also said that in three independent polls conducted recently by CSDS, C Voter and Total TV, the AAP is not merely being perceived as a serious contender but is on its way to sweep the polls in Delhi.

The AAP would formally launch the party's election symbol in a public event on August 3rd.