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Bihar IAS officer murder: Ex-MP's life term upheld

Bihar IAS officer murder: Ex-MP's life term upheld

Gopalganj DM G Krishnaiah was apparently lynched to death in 1994 apparently at ex-MP Anand Mohan's saying.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the life sentence awarded to former Bihar MP Anand Mohan for inciting a crowd to lynch to death Gopalganj District Magistrate G Krishnaiah in 1994.

A Patna court had earlier awarded him death sentence, a first involving anyone who's been a member of Parliament.

Anand Mohan's wife, Lovely, also a former MP, & JD(U) MLAs Munna Shukla and Akhlaq Ahmad were sentenced to life. Two other accused were also given capital punishment.

Krishnaiah was lynched by a mob participating in a funeral procession of Chhotan Shukla, an underworld don affiliated to Anand Mohan's Bihar People's Party.

Anand Mohan was leading the procession.

Anand Mohan's criminal antecedents as well as his heavyweight political image are well known. His Bihar People's Party has had political alliances with both Lalu Prasad's RJD as well as the ruling JD(U).

But in his hour of crisis, he hardly got any political backing.

Both Lalu Prasad and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said they would not interfere with the court's verdict.

first published:July 10, 2012, 11:13 IST