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BJP and Congress Swap Sides as Eggs Make Another Entry into Madhya Pradesh Politics

Image for representation. (AFP)

Image for representation. (AFP)

The BJP, which had earlier objected to the Congress government's plan to introduce eggs to the government meals for children, is now considering the same thing.

Eggs have been a rich source of protein for government institutions to fight malnutrition, but they can also lead to political anger in Madhya Pradesh.

Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister Imarti Devi is reworking her old plan to fight malnutrition in the state by introducing eggs in the meals offered by government institutions. Devi had also proposed the same thing when she worked in the Kamal Nath-led government.

Then in opposition, the BJP had opposed the move. With her now by their side, the BJP is singing a different tune.

BJP leader Dhairyavardhan Singh said these Devi's personal views. But he also cited a survey that purportedly showed that 49.5% of the population in the state is non-vegetarian while 50.5% is vegetarian. According to him, Devi has said severely malnourished children who do not prefer eggs can be offered fruit instead.

Singh added that no decision has been taken yet.

Meanwhile, Congress leader JP Dhanopia criticised the BJP for having double standards.

"Our stand is clear -- that eggs in diet should not be forced on someone. But it is interesting to see the BJP siding with the idea contrary to their previous stand where they opposed a he similar move when the Congress government was in power," he said.

first published:September 02, 2020, 20:11 IST