No change in quotas for Dalits, Opposition spreading lies: PM

No change in quotas for Dalits, Opposition spreading lies: PM

Nothing has ever happened to the reservation for Dalits and tribals where BJP is in power, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday made it clear there would be no change in the reservation policy for Dalits and said the Opposition was spreading "untruths" on the issue.

Reaching out to members of the Dalit community as he launched the BR Ambedkar memorial in Delhi, Modi said the quotas were never touched when the BJP was in power.

"Nothing has ever happened to the reservation for Dalits, tribals, where we are in power but still this lie is spread to mislead people...We can never strengthen the nation by making the society weak," he said.

The PM said such rumours were spread even when former former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to power.

"We can never tamper with the provisions of reservation…they spread false rumour that we want to end reservation. There is no truth in it,"he added.

"It might help them run their politics, but they need to understand that such things affect social harmony," said Modi.

Pointing that he was the first Prime Minister to speak at Ambedkar memorial lecture, Modi said that "Babasaheb was the voice of the marginalised". "He is a vishwa manav. If Martin Luther King can be an inspiration, Babasaheb Ambedkar can also be an inspiration for the marginalised across the world," he said.

Hailing Ambedkar as a man with vision, the Prime Minister said that India owes the foundation of its labour laws and rights to Babasaheb.

The Prime Minister further recalled the contributions of Babasaheb to the women, asserting that he fought for the rights of women when the Hindu Code Bills was being introduced.

"He was concerned not just about women from poor households, he was also concerned about the welfare of women hailing from families of Tatas and Birlas," said Modi.

He further said that it was only Ambedkar who talked about labour reform and at the same time thought of industrialisation for the progress of India.

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