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On Amit Shah's 'Conspiracy' Barb, Wheelchair-bound Mamata Says 'Let's See How Long You Walk in Bengal'

TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee addresses a public rally while sitting on  a wheelchair, ahead of the assembly polls, in Purulia district on Monday (PTI Photo)

TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee addresses a public rally while sitting on a wheelchair, ahead of the assembly polls, in Purulia district on Monday (PTI Photo)

Breaking his silence over the incident where Banerjee received leg injuries, Shah asked ‘what about the pain of 130 BJP workers who were killed by TMC goons’.

Breaking his silence over the Nandigram incident where TMC chief Mamata Banerjee received leg injuries, Union Home Minister Amit Shah questioned, ‘what about the pain of 130 BJP workers who were killed by the TMC goons’ in West Bengal. Addressing a public meeting at Raniband in Bankura district, Shah said, “I am late today because of technical snag in my helicopter and there was no conspiracy involved in it.”

Taking a jibe at the Bengal chief minister, Shah said, “What actually happened in Nandigram is yet to be known. TMC is claiming that it was a conspiracy but the Election Commission termed it as an accident. God knows what is true but in my case there was a technical snag in my helicopter. I won’t say that it was a conspiracy.”

Soon after, a wheelchair-bound Banerjee said she wished to “how long they (BJP leaders) can walk on the land of Bengal.” “I have received leg injuries that I will recover from. I will be fine, but I would like to see how long you can walk here in Bengal. Just wait for a few more days,” she said in Purulia.

“Some people thought I would not be able to reach out to citizens due to the injuries. But my pain is nothing compared to my people. Till my last breath, I will continue to reach out to my people,” the TMC supremo said.


Earlier, hinting at Mamata’s conspiracy allegations in Nandigram, Shah said, “There was some genuine issue with my helicopter but I won’t call it a conspiracy. Mamata di is injured and moving around in a wheelchair. I wish for her speedy recovery but I want to ask her who is responsible for the death of 130 BJP workers in Bengal. What about their pain? Does she care about the pain of the 130 mothers who have lost their children due to political violence?”

Shah was supposed to address a rally in Jhargram but he addressed the meeting virtually due to some technical issue with his chopper. However, he attended the next scheduled meeting in Raniband.

“The tribal people were ignored by the ruling TMC. But today I would like to promise you to fulfill all your aspirations. Under the ‘Stand Up India Scheme’, the next BJP government in West Bengal will allocate Rs 100 crore to help the tribal community become atmanirbhar (self reliant),” the Union Home Minister said.

Shah also promised to provide 50 per cent higher education financial assistance to tribal community students who will score more than 70 per cent marks, in their class 12 examination.

Shah slammed the TMC government for its 10 years of misrule in the State and accused her of blocking the Central government’s schemes in the State.

“She is depriving the poor of their rights. Didi is not implementing the central schemes including ‘Ayushman Bharat’ in Bengal. Several crores of people across India have availed free surgeries under Ayushman Bharat. But I am sorry to say that didi has not implemented the scheme in Bengal. Mamata ji, don’t you think people of Bengal have the right to avail this free and quality treatment? Why are you not implementing it?”

“I would like to assure the people of Bengal that within minutes of forming the government in 2021, we will implement Ayushman Bharat health scheme in our first Cabinet meeting. There will be a parivartan in Bengal under Modi ji’s leadership,” he added.

He said that BJP in its manifesto will implement the 7th Pay Commission, salary hike of teachers, and Rs 250 crore for the development of religious places.

Meanwhile, Banerjee urged voters of ‘Jangalmahal’ to think what the BJP has done for the tribal people after winning the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. She said, “What BJP has done? Question them when they come to ask for your votes. Also, tell them it is the TMC government who stood beside the people in difficult times. Tell them it is the TMC government which provided free ration, free health care and Kanyashree scheme benefits to you. Today, I would like to assure you that your ration will reach your doorsteps soon.”

Claiming that she has information that BJP-backed goons from neighbouring Jharkhand would try to create problems during the polls, she said, “I have information that few BJP leaders, including our railway minister, has asked local villagers in Purulia to make arrangements for accommodation and food for some people (who will enter Bengal from Jharkhand). The Ayodhya mountain is not yet sealed completely and there may be chances of infiltration. I will speak to Hemant Soren (Jharkhand Chief Minister) to look into the matter.”

While accusing the BJP for indulging in divisive politics, Banerjee said, “Our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) is incompetent and he cannot run the country. No other government in the world has been able to do as much work as ours. There are people who are coming from other states and creating problems. They don’t even know the culture of Bengal. They know how to play with blood and now they are here to play their dirty politics. Nowadays they are roaming around like gods and goddesses in a ‘five-star rath (chariot)’.”

“For us ‘rath’ means Lord Jagannath’s Chariot, but the BJP is hurting religious sentiments by roaming around in a five-star ‘rath’ and enjoying non-vegetarian food and biryani on public money. They are not here to create a ‘sonar Bangla’, but to make it a ‘dangar Bangla’ (riot-hit Bengal),” she said.