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BSP MP defends Modi, says those attacking Gujarat CM are 'anti-national'

BSP MP defends Modi, says those attacking Gujarat CM are 'anti-national'

Vijay Bahadur Singh also called the Gujarat CM a sensitive and compassionate person.

Mahoba: Under Opposition attack for his "puppy" remark on 2002 riots, Narendra Modi on Saturday found support from a BSP MP who said it showed that the Gujarat Chief Minsiter was a "sensitive" person and his comments have been misinterpreted.

"If he says that he feels bad if a puppy gets crushed under the wheels of his car, then it shows that he is a sensitive and compassionate person. These are my personal views, but his remarks should not be misinterpreted. He is not referring to any community...his remarks are being misinterpreted," Vijay Bahadur Singh told PTI.

The BSP's Hamirpur (UP) MP said Modi's statement is "100 per cent correct and it is in the interest of the nation. Those who oppose him are doing so for political interests. Those who oppose his remarks are 'rashtra drohis' (anti-nationals)."

"I am not aware about the question posed to him in the interview. But his answer is simple. He said he feels bad. What is wrong with it. I welcome his remarks at a personal level. I am speaking on the issue as a citizen of India and as

a senior advocate. I have a right to air my opinion," he said.

The Gujarat strongman's comment that even if a "puppy comes under the wheel of a car, one felt sad", also drew sharp condemnation with political rivals including Congress and SP, calling his remarks as "insensitive".

Going into damage control mode, Modi had tweeted that all forms of life are valued and worshipped in Indian culture, while BJP defended him saying "a controversy has been created where it does not exist."

first published:July 13, 2013, 19:36 IST