Cong MP takes Dig at Ministers' Suggestions to Eat Carrots, Listen to Music to Curb Effects of Pollution

File Photo of MP Pratap Singh Bajwa.
(Twitter/ @ANIIndia)

File Photo of MP Pratap Singh Bajwa. (Twitter/ @ANIIndia)

Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa was referring to Health Minister Harsh Vardhan's suggestion of eating carrots, and Prakash Javadekar's tweet where urged people to start listening to music to check effects of pollution,

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  • Last Updated: November 21, 2019, 6:28 PM IST
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New Delhi: "They are asking us to eat carrots. Are we goats," was the query of a Congress member in Rajya Sabha on Thursday as he took a dig at Union minister Harsh Vardhan for suggesting that consuming this root vegetable can help check the effects of air pollution.

Participating in a discussion on pollution, Pratap Singh Bajwa said Health Minister Harsh Vardhan recently tweeted that people should eat carrots for protection from pollution related harm to health.

"They are asking us to eat carrots. Are we goats," he asked the minister, who was present in the upper house.

Bajwa also referred to a recent tweet by Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar that people should start their day by listening music.

"He knows that people's lungs are stuck now, throat is choked and eyes are not responding as tears are coming out. We are already facing the music," he said, adding "is this the way the government is tackling the pollution."

"One is asking us to eat carrot. We are being considered as animals. Another is saying to listen music. Has any one opened a music academy," said Bajwa sarcastically.

He said rising air pollution in Delhi is a serious concern and a recent Green Peace report said that out of 30 most polluted cities, 22 are in India.

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