Bengaluru Clashes: Congress MLA Files Complaint over Attack on his House, Claims Loss Runs Up to Rs 3 Crore

File photo: The damaged vehicles in Bengaluru during violence.

File photo: The damaged vehicles in Bengaluru during violence.

The Congress legislator has also sought police protection for him, his family and people of Pulakeshinagar constituency that he represents.

Congress MLA R Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy on Friday lodged a complaint with the police regarding the attack on his house and property during the violence that erupted in Bengaluru over a social media post allegedly posted by his relative, and said loss may be to the tune of Rs 3 crore.

The Congress legislator has also sought police protection for him, his family and people of Pulakeshinagar constituency that he represents.

"I have given the complaint, in which I have mentioned about the damages and asked the police to investigate and

provide me justice by finding the culprits," Murthy said.

Speaking to reporters, he said, with the complaint he has given a list containing details about the loss.

"An estimated Rs 3 crore loss has been incurred, including the house.. there is nothing left to call it a house, it only has to be demolished. I'm deeply pained because it is the house where I was born and grew up, it was built by my parents, it was my parent's remembrance," he added.

Three people were killed after police opened fire to quell a mob that went on a rampage in D J Halli and adjoining

areas on Tuesday night over an inflammatory social media post allegedly put out by P Naveen, a relative of MLA Murthy.

The MLA's residence and a police station at D J Halli were torched by rioters who also set many police and private

vehicles afire, and looted the belongings of the legislator and those of his sister.

Maintaining that he has not blamed or named anyone in the complaint, Murthy said let the police probe and find out.

"I have a brotherly relationship with everyone, I'm someone who believes in taking everyone along. I don't have

hatred or enmity towards anyone.There was no need for anyone to have hatred toward me," he said.

Wondering what led someone to destroy his house, he said, "if something has happened to someone in my family, who would have been responsible. So I have lodged a complaint and have sought protection."

Responding to a query on political rivalry, Murthy said he has good relationships with people irrespective of their

party affiliation and works equally with everyone.

"I had no information or any clue about what is the reason... I have not quarreled with any one," he added.

There are reports that local politics with an eye on upcoming Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike polls might have

also added to the fury, pointing at alleged differences between local corporators and MLA Murthy, who had joined

Congress from JD(S).

Reports also point to SDPI's growing desire to gain grounds in the locality, that has considerable Muslim population.

Asked whether the incident was a conspiracy by some Muslim leaders to cut down his influence in the constituency

as has been reported, Murthy denied it, saying there is no such thing, because all of us- Muslims, Hindus and Christians are all united here.

"For 25-years, there have not been any such incidents, it should not happen in the future also," he said.

On investigations so far suggesting SDPI's role, the MLA said, let there be a detailed investigation to bring the truth out.

Clarifying that Naveen, who posted the inflammatory post was his sister's son, but he had no relationship with him, he said, "whoever is the culprit, they should be punished."

Meanwhile, several Muslim community leaders along with Congress legislator B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan visited Murthy's

ravaged house, and even offered a small prayer there for peace.

One of the leaders also offered to repair or reconstruct the MLA's house, to which Murthy thanked profusely and said, "we will build our house, we only seek your blessings and peace."

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