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'Dhakosla Patra' Shows Congress' Hatred Towards 'Modi-Supporter' Middle Class, Says PM


Last Updated: April 07, 2019, 17:39 IST

'Dhakosla Patra' Shows Congress' Hatred Towards 'Modi-Supporter' Middle Class, Says PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said opposition parties could stoop to any level, including singing paeans to Pakistan, to remove him from power.

Udaipur: Hitting out at the Congress and Left Front, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday the opposition parties were hell-bent on removing him from power, even if that meant singing paeans to Pakistan.

Addressing a rally at Udaipur in Tripura, Modi said the people of state had set a precedent for the entire country by ousting the Left Front government after 25 years.

"Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress has been trying its best to make inroads into Tripura, but people haven't allowed that. They tolerated the atrocities of the Left Front, waiting patiently for the BJP to rise. I thank the people of Tripura for believing in the BJP," he stated.

Modi asserted that the opposition parties could stoop to any level to remove him from power. "The Congress and the Left are working together to oust Modi. They have stooped too low, singing paeans to Pakistan even when the NDA government was taking on the terrorists on the soil of the neighbouring country.

"Am I not doing the right thing by giving a befitting reply to the enemies of the country?" he asked the people gathered at the rally.

Taking a jibe at the Congress manifesto, Modi said, "The grand old party came out with its 'dhakosla patra' (hypocrisy document) of 50-60 pages. The document hasn't mentioned the middle-class even once in it. Such hatred towards middle class! The Congress thinks the middle-class has helped Modi win and that's it is adamant on punishing it (through more taxes)."

"The middle-class has long suffered under the Congress rule. Some parties, including the Congress, have said that more taxes should be levied on the middle-class."

Attacking the Left parties, he said, they considered their "party's constitution bigger than that of the country's".

"The Left parties don't want to give the country a direction. They are only keen on improving their own condition," Modi said.

Heaping praise on Chief Minister Biplab Deb, he said the state government had improved the law and order and developed infrastructure in the state in just one year.

"Our government has started procuring agricultural produces from the farmers directly. The middlemen and the moneylenders have suffered a setback," he claimed.

Under the Saubhagya scheme, the NDA government had ensured power connection in almost all homes in the state, the Prime Minister said.

"As promised before the assembly election, we have initiated work on the broad gauge rail line, built bridges, started train services, connecting Agartala with other parts of the country. Work is also underway to give Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport an international makeover," he added.

Election to two Lok Sabha seats in Tripura will be held on April 11 and 18.
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