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Digvijay praises govt response to Lokpal Bill

Digvijay praises govt response to Lokpal Bill

Digvijay hailed Hazare as a simple and good man for whom he has high regard.

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Saturday praised the government's response to the issues raised by activist Anna Hazare on Lokpal Bill but cautioned against "whims" creeping into the proposed legislation.

"Corruption is an issue that catches people's imagination because everyone of us has been through it in some way or the other. Government has handled the issue raised by Hazare fairly well. In fact, in the best tradition of democracy, the voice of people has been heard. But then we have to be a little careful that the Prime Minister or Ministers duly elected by more than one billion people of the country are not in any way subjected to any form of whims of the people in committee on the Lokpal Bill," Singh told reporters in New Delhi.

The Congress leader, who has been associated with the civil society groups, at the same time hailed Hazare as a "simple and good man" for whom he has "high regard".

Hazare had worked for a community watershed project in Madhya Pradesh, when Singh was Chief Minister there about a decade back.

Replying to questions on whether the credit for the bill will to go to Hazare, Singh said, "There is no question of credit or discredit. It is something which has been ready for a long time with the Government of India and the government has taken upon itself to look at the draft bill prepared by the people of civil society."

The AICC General Secretary found nothing wrong with people supporting Hazare's agitation for a stronger bill, but doubted that many of those supporting the cause might not have read the recommendations in the draft prepared by

Hazare's supporters.

"But I really do not know how many people who are supporting the cause have looked at the draft prepared by the members of the civil society. It would be wise for people to take look at the draft prepared by Arvind Kejriwal and other

members of the civil society group," Singh said.

The senior Congress leader also urged Hazare's associates to go through the draft prepared by Sonia Gandhi led National Advisory Council.

"NAC is also in the process of drafting a Lokpal Bill. Therefore this committee should also look at that and wait for the recommendations of this high powered committee," Singh said.

Meanwhile, a senior party leader speaking on condition of anonymity felt that the agitation could have been avoided had these activists been contacted in time.