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From Calling Ambulance to Consoling Woman, Smriti Irani Plays People's Leader on Maiden Visit to Amethi

From Calling Ambulance to Consoling Woman, Smriti Irani Plays People's Leader on Maiden Visit to Amethi

The Amethi MP visited a dead BJP worker's relatives, called an ambulance for an injured woman, and promised redressal to another complaining woman apart from initiating work on development endeavours.

New Delhi: Days after taking over Amethi from Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Union minister Smriti Irani has not just found her second home in Uttar Pradesh but has also become a member of the local families. From pressing her convoy ambulance into residents' service to addressing family disputes of people, Irani did all on her maiden visit post poll victory.

Lawmaker Irani, who was accompanied by Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, reportedly asked her convoy ambulance to take an injured woman to a nearby hospital, while also instructing doctors to ensure proper treatment for the injured.

In a video, the woman, seen sitting on a chair, is lifted into the ambulance by a group of men as the Amethi MP asks, "Kahan jana, jilla hospital? (Where is she to be taken, district hospital?)" She then instructs, "Take them to Gauriganj District Hospital."

On another occasion, she was approached by a woman who fell to her feet while she was addressing an audience on stage. Irani consoled her after hearing her complaint of land-grabbing by family members and assured that action would be taken.

In her address, she targeted the dynastic politics of the Congress that had assured Rahul Gandhi’s victory from the constituency for three successive terms.

“A social revolution came here when everyone went to polling booths, pressed ‘lotus’ and gave a message that democracy has not been made for ‘naamdaar’ (dynast),” she said.

She further added, “No one had imagined that a woman from a simple family will be given the opportunity to be your representative. In a region which was the stronghold of ‘naamdaar’, where it was believed that even if MP does not return for five years, people will accept him.”

Earlier, the actor-turned-politician in tow with Sawant had visited the family members of Surendra Singh, a BJP worker who was killed in his Barauliya home soon after the Lok Sabha election.

“I was pained to learn of the death of Surendra Singh and told Smriti Irani that I wanted to visit his family,” the Goa CM said.

Smriti Irani had earlier also participated in Singh’s funeral rites, giving his remains a shoulder alongside the bereaved, after she was disturbed on seeing his body.

Surendra Singh’s village of Barauliya had been adopted by former Goa CM Manohar Parrikar when he was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh. The late CM’s successor was resolved to continue the development work initiated by him here and in other villages.

Irani is expected to kick-start work on several development projects in the constituency, including rain-harvesting plants, and hold meetings with officials regarding the same.

She is also set to visit party leaders and workers in Tiloi, Jagdishpur and Musafirkhana.

Amethi, the Congress stronghold, was lost to Irani in the Lok Sabha election this year by a margin of 55,120 votes.