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India's biggest problem is its political system: Rahul


Last Updated: November 04, 2012, 13:17 IST

India's biggest problem is its political system: Rahul

The Congress general secretary assured people that the UPA government will bring in the Lokpal Bill and get it passed in Parliament.

New Delhi: Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Sunday hailed the reform measures taken by the UPA government and said his party wants to improve the country. Rahul added that the biggest problem of India is its political system as "its doors are closed for the common man" and said that it is only the Congress party which can "change the political system".

"Till the time we don't open the doors to the Congress party, this nation won't change. No one else can do it. Only Congress can, the rest can only oppose," said the Congress leader addressing a mega party rally at the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.

Talking about the recent reform decisions taken by the government, Rahul assured that the introduction of FDI in retail sector will benefit farmers. "FDI will benefit farmers. Farmers will rise. We will make them rise," he said. "There is a need for economic reforms. When there will be progress, there will be programmes for the benefit of farmers. If there will no progress, there will be no programmes," Rahul said.

Insisting that the Congress-led UPA government is trying hard to curb corruption, Rahul said, "The Opposition talks about corruption but we gave people RTI, through which anyone can ask questions about the government. The aam admi has benefitted from the RTI." He assured that the UPA will get the Lokpal Bill passed. "We will bring in the Lokpal Bill and get it passed," he said at the rally.

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    Rahul also spoke about how MNREGA has benefited so many people in the country and helped them earn a livelihood for themseleves. He accused the Opposition of always talking negative about the government. "Whatever we say, they always try to prove it wrong," he told the people present at Ramlila Maidan. He added that the Congress has always worked for the benefit of the nation even when it was in the Opposition.

    The Congress general secretary urged the youth to join politics and said criticising from outside won’t help in any way. "Till the time youth doesn't enter the political system, the nation cannot change. Opposing things won't change anything, showing a way will and Prime Minister Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi will show you that way." Rahul added that India’s youth can "show a new way not only to the country but also to the world".

    first published:November 04, 2012, 13:17 IST
    last updated:November 04, 2012, 13:17 IST