Joshi's work "not party indiscipline": BJP

Joshi's work

BJP says MM Joshi's work as PAC chairman does not tantamount to "party indiscipline".

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  • Last Updated: December 29, 2010, 8:19 PM IST
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New Delhi: BJP on Wednesday rejected suggestions that there was a contradiction between senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi's work as PAC Chairman on 2G spectrum scam and its demand for JPC probe into the issue and said his work cannot be called "party indiscipline".

The party said Joshi, as Chairman of Public Accounts Committee, was performing his constitutional duty but as a party member he was in favour of a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into 2-G Spectrum scam.

"Being the PAC Chairperson is his Constitutional responsibility and he is abiding by it. But each member of BJP, including Dr Joshi, is firm on the demand for a JPC," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain told reporters.

Asked whether Joshi's role as PAC Chairperson was more important than his duties towards his party, Hussain said "No doctor can say that he would not examine a patient as he is a Congressman. An architect cannot say that he will not build the house of a Congressman. He (Joshi) is doing his professional work."

Hussain said Joshi's proactive approach as PAC Chairman in 2-G spectrum scam cannot be called "party indiscipline".

"It is his professional duty, he is abiding it. And we are abiding by the party stand," he added.

The BJP spokesperson had digs at Congress for not agreeing to the opposition demand for a JPC.

"After 35 years, Congress has accepted that the Emergency was a mistake. The government should accept our demand for a JPC probe into 2-G Spectrum, Commonwealth Games and Adarsh Housing Society scams. Else, after 30 years they will have to accept that they are paying the price of not accepting a JPC," Hussain said.

He alleged Congress was not fighting against corruption but was engaged in giving it acceptance.

"Congress was once known for giving us freedom. This year, Congress will be remembered for corruption. Manmohan Singh is heading a corrupt cabinet. His letter (to the PAC Chairperson) is a diversionary tactic. The government is giving excuses (to avoid a JPC)," Hussain said.

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