Live: Modi hits out aggressively at UPA, shouts 'Congress bhagao' slogans

Live: Modi hits out aggressively at UPA, shouts 'Congress bhagao' slogans

Modi said it is BJP's responsibility to save India from an 'insensitive' UPA government and that he would work hard as the party's poll panel chief.

  • Last Updated: June 9, 2013, 2:41 PM IST
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Panaji: Live Updates: 5:40 pm: Modi attacks Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his speech at BJP National Executive meet in Goa. He says the PM had no answer on the Naxal issue during the internal security meet, which was held recently in the national capital.

"Our agenda is to build the nation; getting the chair is not on BJP's agenda," Modi says. Modi ends his acceptance speech by shouting slogans of "Congress bhagao".

5:20 pm: Narendra Modi takes on the UPA government and says, "People of the country have lost trust in the government. Raj Bhavan has been turned into 'Congress Bhavan'. Central government is not serious. They have taken the people for granted." He says it is BJP's responsibility to save the country from an "insensitive" government.

5:20 pm: BJP's poll campaign chairman and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi addresses party workers at the National Executive meet in Goa. He says he is grateful to Rajnath Singh for trusting him to lead BJP's poll campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He says he has been moulded by BJP's senior leaders and would work hard as poll panel chief.

4:45 pm: BJP President Rajnath Singh addresses party's National Executive meet. He says he will speak before Narendra Modi as he wants to give "the most popular leader" the chance to speak last. He congratulates Modi on becoming BJP's poll campaign chief. "I am feeling extremely happy because whatever decision has been taken is for the country not for the party," he says. He further takes on the UPA government and says the Congress has "let the country down". "Fingers are being pointed at the Prime Minister for his involvement in the coal scam. He should have resigned owing to moral responsibility," the BJP chief further says.

4:24 pm: Top BJP leaders address the National Executive meet. Arun Jaitley says Rajnath Singh has given a new direction to politics and the party by making Narendra Modi BJP's poll panel chairman. "Party president has taken consensus into account and given Narendra Modi the responsibility," Jaitley says.

3:25 pm: Congress leader Rajeev Shukla says his party is not afraid of Narendra Modi. "How can this party run the country when it can't even keep it's leaders together? We are not afraid of Narendra Modi. We are ready for the fight," says Shukla.

3:17 pm: Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha speaks at length on why he did not go to Goa for the National Executive, says, "The dust has finally settled. Modi has been named the chairman of campaign committee. I was one of the first to speak in favour of Modi. He has no match in the Congress party. In the last three days I have been shown as anti-Modi and pro-Advani. The fact is I have spoken to none of them. I have neither met or spoken to Advani. I respect him. Because of personal problems I did not go to Goa."

3:00 pm: Narendra Modi tweets, "Senior leaders have reposed faith in me. We will leave no stone unturned for Congress Mukt Bharat Nirman. Thanks for support & blessings. Spoke to Advani ji on the phone. He gave me his blessings. Honoured and extremely grateful to receive his blessings."

2:49 pm: BJP leader Smriti Irani says, "This is a decisive step towards the victory of 2014 elections."

2:38 pm: Shiv Sena congratulates Narendra Modi. However, party spokesperson Sanjay Raut says, "We welcome the decision of BJP. He is the BJP's campaign committee chief, not the NDA's. So no one should have problem."

2:26 pm: JD(U) leader Devesh Chandra Thakur downplays Narendra Modi's elevation to BJP's 2014 election campaign chief. "Narendra Modi has been named BJP's campaign chief, not NDA's. So we have nothing to say in this," says Thakur.

2:04 pm: Rajnath Singh addresses media, says the upcoming 2014 elections are a challenge for the BJP. "We have decided Narendra Modi as chairman central campaign committee. This is an unanimous decision. We have full confidence that BJP will come to power in 2014," says Rajnath.

2:02 pm: BJP President Rajnath Singh says, "We have decided to make Narendra Modi as Chairman of Central Election Committee. The whole party has trust in him."

2:00 pm: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh congratulates Narendra Modi on his elevation as Central election campaign committee. "My heartiest congratulations to Narendra Modi. I have tweeted what I felt about Mr Advani. Whether he has to be the PM candidate or not has to be decided by the BJP. I have already said comparisons between Rahul and Modi are of no use."

1:56 pm: BJP President Rajnath Singh has appointed Narendra Modi the Chairman of central election committee.

1:43 pm: BJP President Rajnath Singh's to address media shortly.

1:22 pm: BJP will hold nationwide protests against the UPA government from June 17 to June 22: PTI.

1:15 pm: BJP leader Jay Narayan Vyas says, "There is unity in the BJP and I am sure there will be a unanimous decision, which will be good for the country."

1:00 pm: JD(U) leader Devesh Chandra Thakur says, "We don't want to comment on it and it doesn't matter to JD(U). Whatever BJP decides in National Executive, it is their internal party matter."

12:40 pm: While speaking at the BJP National Executive meeting Narendra Modi says, "Statue of Sardar Patel should be bigger than Statue of Liberty."

12:27 pm: Narendra Modi while speaking at BJP's National Executive meeting says we need an India free from Congress rule. "Congress free country is not politics rather a programme nationalism. People of country are angry of Congress rule," says Modi.

12:11 pm: BJP spokesman Shahnawaz Hussain while addressing a press conference at National Executive meet says, "BJP has passed its political resolution in the National Executive. Corruption of UPA II was discussed in the National Executive. UPA has no reason to celebrate. BJP is the only hope for the country"

12:05 pm: BJP conference begins, announcement on Narendra Modi likely to me made soon.

11:02 am: BJP spokesman Shahnawaz Hussain says, "The nation will get a good news. There will be a press conference at 12 noon."

10:45 am: Sources say Nitin Gadkari be appointed head of the manifesto committee for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However, sources added that the announcement on Gadkari is not likely today.

10:45 am: Deal to elevate Narendra Modi was first clinched in a meeting between Nitin Gadkari, Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh, added sources.

10:02 am: Sources say BJP president Rajnath Singh calls LK Advani to enquire his health.

9:18 am: Announcement on Narendra Modi expected around 1:30 pm on Sunday, say sources.

9:10 am: Senior BJP leader CP Thakur says Narendra Modi also believes in team work. "There will be some announcement on Modi today," added Thakur.

9:00 am: BJP President Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi are expected to meet party patriarch LK Advani in Delhi on Sunday or Monday.

8:50 am: Sources say BJP President Rajnath Singh is likely to announce Narendra Modi's elevation as election campaign panel chief.

8:05 am: Sources say senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi has insisted on how BJP should groom a team and not an individual to tackle the present challenges.

7:56 am: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi ups the ante at the BJP's National Executive meeting, demanding that he be announced as the PM candidate and not just Lok Sabha polls campaign panel head, say sources. Sources also say party president Rajnath Singh is struggling to reach a compromise.

Brushing aside reservations of patriarch LK Advani and some other senior leaders, the BJP on Sunday anointed Narendra Modi as Chairman of its Election Campaign Committee for the 2914 polls, a move considered just short of making him the prime ministerial candidate. "I want to give you a significant information. I have announced (at the National Executive) that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as Chairman of the BJP Election Campaign Committee, keeping in mind the challenge of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and to achieve victory in the polls," party President Rajnath Singh said at the conclusion of its two-day deliberations.

The announcement was made in a terse statement by Rajnath who was flanked by Leaders of Opposition in Parliament Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley, former President M Venkaiah Naidu,

General Secretary Ananth Kumar among others. No questions were taken at the media interaction.

After two days of deliberations and dilemma, the party appears to have taken the plunge by plumping for Modi in a crucial role, ignoring reservations from leaders like Advani, the tallest leader after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Rajnath said all parties view elections as a challenge and BJP also viewed the coming Lok Sabha elections as a challenge and Modi's elevation was done keeping in mind the need to achieve victory.

Meanwhile, senior RSS leader Bhayyaji Joshi reached Delhi to convince BJP patriarch LK Advani. A sulking Advani skipped the national executive meet completely citing ill health as the reason.

Senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi has also warned Rajnath against making any announcement on Modi in Advani's absence. With Advani and some other senior leaders keeping away from the deliberations of its National Executive, the BJP is struggling to resolve its dilemma over Modi's role in the 2014 elections, an issue over which there appeared to be divisions within.

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