No to VIP Culture, Striving for 'Sabka Vishwas': Top Quotes from Narendra Modi's Speech at NDA Meet

Narendra Modi addresses NDA workers in New Delhi on Saturday.

Narendra Modi addresses NDA workers in New Delhi on Saturday.

Modi was elected as the NDA's leader at the Central Hall in Parliament on Saturday.

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  • Last Updated: May 25, 2019, 9:34 PM IST
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed a meeting of the National Democratic Alliance after he was formally elected their leader. Setting out the agenda for the next term of his government in the Central Hall of the Parliament, he spoke about the hazards of VIP culture, the government's new slogan, and what it would do to ensure development for all sections.

Here are the top quotes from his speech:

1. “The country hates VIP culture. Why can’t you stand in line for an airport security check? There is nothing wrong in it. People say that Modi ended the 'red light' culture...you have seen what Manohar Parikar used to do...follow him and don’t fall into this trap.”

2. “The PM's new slogan is ‘NARA’, which is a marriage of national ambitions with regional aspirations.”

3. “The NDA is moving forward on two tracks...one on regional aspirations and the second on national ambitions.”

4. "We have worked for sabka saath, sabka vikas, now we have to strive for sabka vishwas."

5. “Anti-incumbency is a work hazard, but our work made sure that there was pro-incumbency wave, what we witnessed was positive vote.”

6. “I was asked who is my greatest opponent and I said I am my greatest opponent...I can proudly say that I have manage to outperform myself since 2014.”

7. “The 2019 election was a pilgrimage for me. It has helped break down walls and bring hearts together. These elections have brought our society together.”

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