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PM to disclose assets of Cabinet ministers

PM to disclose assets of Cabinet ministers

The details of their asset and liabilities will be uploaded on the PMO website and will be accessible to the public

New Delhi: In a move to bring about greater transparency Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has decided to disclose the assets and liabilities of all Cabinet Ministers on the website of Prime Minister's Office.

Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrashekhar wrote to the Council of Ministers about the move to disclose their asset and liabilities after getting the approval from the Prime Minister

"The Prime Minister has approved placing of information regarding the details of assets and liabilities, received from the members of the Council of Ministers in the public domain. Action is being taken by the Prime Minister's Office to upload the information on the PMO website," Chandrashekhar wrote.

Chandrashekhar has asked all the ministers to furnish their details on paper.

The exercise began some weeks ago and the process of uploading the information on the website has already started.

Until now, ministers would declare their wealth to the Prime Minister under the minister's code of conduct.

But this information was not in the public domain, except in some cases thanks to the Right to Information Act.

The information will be updated on the website once a year and will be accessible to the public.