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Post Mortem Report of Bengal MLA Says He Died ‘Due to Effects of Hanging’, BJP Demands ‘Impartial Probe’

MLA Debendra Nath Ray was found hanging in his village. (image credits: News18 Lokmat)

MLA Debendra Nath Ray was found hanging in his village. (image credits: News18 Lokmat)

A suicide note recovered from Debendra Nath Roy's shirt pocket names of two persons behind his extreme step.

Sujit Nath
  • Last Updated: July 14, 2020, 3:04 PM IST
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Kolkata: The post mortem report of Hemtabad BJP MLA Debendra Nath Roy, who was found hanging from the ceiling of a verandah outside a shuttered shop near his home in Bindal village in North Dinajpur district on Monday, has revealed that “non continuous ligature marks was placed high up around his neck” and his death was caused “due to effects of hanging”.

A suicide note recovered from his shirt pocket names of two persons behind his extreme step.

The post mortem was conducted at Raiganj Government Medical College and Hospital and said “non continuous ligature marks were placed high up around the neck, with a gap of two inchees. The ligature mark was dark in colour, parchmentised, furrows and abraded at places.”

“The injuries showed evidence of vital reactions and was ante-mortem. No other injury was detected. There were no deformity, fracture and dislocation,” the report reads.

The post mortem report, a copy of which is with News18, also mentioned that Roy’s ribs, cartilage skull, hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage and vertebrae bone were intact and his membrane and brain was congested.

Speaking to News18, BJP state vice-president, Joy Prakash Majumdar, rubbished the report and demanded another post mortem examination by an impartial team of doctors.

“The report says he died due to the effects of hanging. And then it goes on saying that his neck bone (hyoid) and cartilage (thyroid) are intact. How can it be possible? Why are the police probing the incident with pre-conclusion thoughts in mind? How can the SP, without visiting the spot, say that it is a case of suicide? The post mortem report itself raises several questions and therefore we want that there should be a separate investigation on the report itself,” he said, adding that “this case requires greater investigation”.

The report says his mouth, liver, kidneys, pharynx and oesophagus were congested and spleen was healthy. “Death was due to effects of hanging as noted above ante-mortem in nature. Further information if any will be provided after receipt of the chemical examiners report,” the report reads.

Alapan Bandyopadhyay, West Bengal home secretary, said, “Investigation and based on circumstantial and scientific evidences – ‘prime facie’ the police suspect that it is a case of suicide. Inquiry also revealed his differences with someone over informal money lending. His suicide note contains names of two persons and their photographs. Police are looking for them. The state government is giving utmost priority to ensure impartial probe in this case,” he added.

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