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Priyanka Gandhi Calls BJP 'Ahankari', Questions Why Modi Did Not Hear Out Farmers

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. (PTI)

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. (PTI)

Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra questioned why farmer grievances were not heard by the Prime Minister and saying that BJP Govt. Bailed out industrialists.

Siddharth Nagar (UP): Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday alleged that while farmers were suffering, Rs 5,50,000 crore of big industrialists were waived by the BJP government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's friends recorded profits of Rs 10,000 crore in last five years.

Addressing an election meeting here, she also hit out at Modi, claiming that he talks about Pakistan and other "absurd" issues, but never about the problems of the people.

The Congress general secretary termed the present BJP government 'ahankari' (egotistical), alleging that it spreads anger, hatred and negativity.

She alleged that when farmers of a number of states, including MP, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, went to Delhi for protests, the prime minister did not came out of his bungalow for five minutes to hear their grievances.

"Now they are highlighting 'Kisan samman yojna' and promising Rs 6,000 per year. When Congress asked the government to waive loans of farmers, it was said that there is no money in the economy. 

"If you do not have money, how was Rs 550 thousand crore of big industrialists waived. Where does the insurance money of farmers go? While you (farmers) were suffering, companies of PM's friends recorded profits of Rs 10,000 crore in past five years," Priyanka Gandhi alleged.

Claiming that the Congress government had waived loans in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, she said, "When intentions are good loan waiver starts in three days, but when they are bad 'ahankari' leader talks big from dias and leaves."

She said there was false propaganda and negativity in politics but people should never forget their power.
"We are here because of you (people). You all should not forgot your power. Don't make (spreading) dirtiness and negativity in politics your habit and make a change. Democracy has given you power," Priyanka Gandhi said. 

"When he (PM) comes before you he never talks about your problems. He talks of the past, Pakistan and other absurd issues. He did a world tour...visited Pakistan ate 'biryani' there, visited Japan and played 'dhol', went to the US, Europe and other countries, but never to a single village in his parliamentary constituency to know about the real problems of the people," Priyanka Gandhi claimed.

On the stray cattle menace, she said the government  made enclosures for stray animals after seeing the anger of farmers during elections.
"But there is no arrangement for fodder and water there. Due to their policies 12,000 farmers have committed suicide due to loans in past five years," Priyanka Gandhi said.

She claimed that the BJP government's promise of giving Rs 15 lakh to every citizen was not met and GST and demonetisation ruined traders.

Highlighting her party's manifesto, the Congress leader said that her party will make all sections of the society will stand on their own and the poor will be given Rs 72,000 per year and the 24 lakh vacant government jobs will be filled by March 2020.

She said that due to the faulty policies of the BJP, there was a loss of five crore jobs and promised that her government would give 33 per cent reservation to women in Parliament so that their voice can be heard.