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Rajasthan Crisis LIVE Updates: Cong MLA Says Went to Delhi for Personal Reasons, Others Also Explain Visit; BJP 'Eagerly Waiting' for Outcome of Gehlot Meeting

Rajasthan Crisis LIVE Updates: The Bharatiya Janata Party is eagerly waiting and watching out for the legislative party meet called by chief minister Ashok Gehlot, sources in the party said. | July 12, 2020, 21:53 IST
Rajasthan Crisis LIVE Updates: The Bharatiya Janata Party is "eagerly waiting and watching out" for the legislative party meet called by chief minister Ashok Gehlot, sources in the party said. They added that the BJP needs supports of nearly 35 MLAs, and Independents were in touch with the party state leadership. The meeting will showcase the number of MLAs who are with Sachin Pilot, thus clearing the picture, sources said.

Meanwhile, some Congress MLAs, who were said to be in Delhi earlier today along with Pilot, cited various reasons for their visit, assuring that they'll be with their party "till the last breath".
Jul 12, 2020 21:53 (IST)

"Instead of writing the story of a successful state, Ashok ji sat down to write the story of a failed drama!" writes Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat.

Jul 12, 2020 20:10 (IST)

BJP Will Wait and See How Cong Meet Goes: Sources | The BJP will wait and see how the legislative party meet called by Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot goes tomorrow morning. The meeting will show the number od MLAs who are in support of Sachin Pilot. The BJP needs about 35 MLAs in Rajasthan , and independent MLAs are also in touch with the party's state leadership. The FIR filed against two state leaders of out party is also a political issue for us: BJP sources.

Jul 12, 2020 19:20 (IST)

In Times of Covid-19, BJP Fighting for Power: Raj Minister | At a time when we are fighting against Covid-19, BJP is fighting for the power. The Rajasthan government will complete its full term: State Cabinet Minister Harish Choudhary

Jul 12, 2020 19:16 (IST)

Went to Delhi for Personal Reasons: Cong MLA | We went to Delhi due to personal reasons. If media says we went there for this reason or that, then it's not our problem. We don't want to be part of any controversy. We are the soldiers of Congress and will be with the party till our last breath: Rajasthan Congress MLA Rohit Bohra

Jul 12, 2020 19:10 (IST)

30 Cong MLA Pledge Support to Pilot | A total of 30 Congress MLAs and some independent MLAs in touch with Sachin Pilot and have pledged their support to him with whatever decision he takes, ANI quotes its sources as saying.

Jul 12, 2020 18:51 (IST)

Cong Legislative Party Meet Tomorrow | A meeting of the Congress Legislative Party will be held at CM Ashok Gehlot's residence tomorrow at 10:30 am. The meeting that was scheduled for today has been cancelled.

Jul 12, 2020 18:51 (IST)

Legislative Party Meet Tomorrow Morning | A meeting of the Congress Legislative Party will be held at CM Ashok Gehlot's residence tomorrow at 10:30 am. The meeting that was scheduled for today has been cancelled.

Jul 12, 2020 18:38 (IST)

All MLAs in Touch with Me: Pandey | "All Congress MLAs are in touch with me and the government in Rajasthan is stable and will last its full term," says Avinash Pandey, in-charge on Rajasthan Congress.

Jul 12, 2020 18:26 (IST)

Maken, Surjewala to Visit Jaipur | Congress sends its leaders Ajay Maken and Randeep Surjewala to Jaipur as observers. They will be part of the meeting with Congress state in-charge Avinash Pandey.

Jul 12, 2020 18:19 (IST)

Turbulence Should be Shortlived: Abhishek Singhvi | Senior Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi says, "There is a time and a place for everything. Gehlot and Pilot are seasoned leaders and have to demonstrate the perspicacity and maturity they are famous for. Turbulence should be shortlived and solutions lasting and deep."

Jul 12, 2020 17:56 (IST)

Sad to See Pilot Sidelined: Scindia | "Sad to see Sachin Pilot be sidelined by Ashok Gehlot," says BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia

Jul 12, 2020 17:53 (IST)

Many Cong MLAs Have Returned to Jaipur: Avinash Pandey | "We had a talk with Rajasthan Congress MLAs who had gone to Delhi and now, after talks, many of them have returned to Jaipur. BJP is trying to topple the Congress government in the state, but it won't be successful. Everything is fine," says Avinash Pandey.

Jul 12, 2020 17:44 (IST)

BJP Trying to Destabilise Cong Govt: Avinash Pandey | "BJP is trying to destabilise Congress government in Rajasthan. It is attempting to create an atmosphere of uncertainty in Rajasthan, but will not succeed," says Avinash Pandey, Rajasthan in-charge of the Congress.

Jul 12, 2020 17:42 (IST)

Everyone Should Cooperate with SOG: Avinash Pandey | All Congress MLAs are in touch with me. The government is stable and will last its full term. Party president Sonia Gandhi has been updated on developments in Rajasthan. Everyone should cooperate with Rajasthan SOG, there is no harm in joining the probe. We have been trying to reach Sachin Pilot and have left him messages: Avinash Pandey, Congress Rajasthan In-charge

Jul 12, 2020 17:37 (IST)

People should take lessons from Congress MLAs who left party in Madhya Pradesh, says Rajasthan minister Ashok Chandna.

Jul 12, 2020 17:35 (IST)

No Danger to Gehlot Govt: MLA | Several Congress ministers and legislators met Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot at his residence earlier today. MLA Ramlal Jaat says, "In Rajasthan, Gehlot means Congress and Congress means Gehlot. There is no danger to the government and it will complete its term."

Jul 12, 2020 17:19 (IST)

Pilot to Skip Meet Called by Gehlot | Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot will not attent the meeting called by CM Ashok Gehlot later today. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will also not meet Pilot.

Jul 12, 2020 17:18 (IST)

"The greatest of wizards break into a sweat when we turn towards Delhi," writes Sarah Sachin Pilot, the deputy CM's wife, on Twitter.

Jul 12, 2020 17:08 (IST)

Rahul Gandhi, Pilot in Touch: Sources | Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot have been in touch over the last few days. Sources say that the issue will be resolved and concerns will be assessed.

Jul 12, 2020 17:02 (IST)

12 Cong MLAs Camping at Manesar Hotel | Twelve Congress legislators of Rajasthan are camping at ITC Grand Bharat, the five-star hotel in Maneser of the Gurugram district. Around 40 BJP legislators have also been lodged in the same hotel as the top leadership feels they are vulnerable and may go with the Congress. They were brought here on Saturday evening by influential BJP leaders of Rajasthan and Delhi.  IANS reports.

Jul 12, 2020 16:51 (IST)

Rajasthan Congress in-charge Avinash Pandey asserted that forces trying to destabilise the Ashok Gehlot government will not succeed and the party MLAs are intact. "All the means to buy the Congress-led government in Rajasthan would not succeed. Whatever offer BJP may make to Congress MLAs but our legislators including the independents are united," he said on Twitter.

Jul 12, 2020 16:40 (IST)

No Threat to Rajasthan Govt: Cong MLA | Congress MLA Jogendra Awana - who was earlier with the BSP - says that there is no threat to the Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan, adding that he does not have any information on the number of MLAs currently in Delhi.

Jul 12, 2020 16:19 (IST)

Rajasthan Assembly Numbers | The Congress strength in 200-member Assembly is 102, with its Rashtriya Lok Dal alliance having one MLA. After 6 Bahujan Samaj Party MLAs joined the Congress, the ruling party's score in the House climbed up to 108. Support of 13 Independents, 2 Bharatiya Tribal Party and two CPI-M MLAs, its tally stands at 125. Meanwhile, the BJP has 72 MLAs, with 3 lawmakers from alliance partner Rashtriya Loktantrik Party. Party sources confirmed to IANS that around 20-25 MLAs could back Pilot and if they leave the party, the Congress numbers will fall under 100 while the BJP numbers will touch 100.

Jul 12, 2020 16:06 (IST)

'Untenable for Pilot Camp MLAs to Work under Gehlot after SOG Letter' | Amid a power tussle in the Rajasthan government, sources close to Sachin Pilot said the letter asking the deputy chief minister to appear for questioning in a probe into alleged attempts to destabilize his own government has "crossed all limits" and made it "untenable" for those MLAs supporting him to work under Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. 

Jul 12, 2020 15:26 (IST)

UPDATE | Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot calls MLA meeting at his residence at 8 pm amid political slugfest. All Congress MLAs who aren’t in Jaipur summoned to attend tonight’s meeting, said sources. 

Jul 12, 2020 15:18 (IST)

Power Games in Rajasthan | Several ministers and MLAs visited Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot's home Sunday, indicating support to him amid speculation over a widening rift with his deputy Sachin Pilot. Some Congress MLAs, considered close to Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, who also heads the state Congress unit, have gone to Delhi, sources said.

The posturing comes amid allegations by Gehlot that the BJP is trying to lure Congress MLAs to topple the state government. The BJP has dismissed the claim, saying the developments reflect a power struggle between Gehlot and Pilot, simmering since the Congress leadership in Delhi picked the more senior leader for the CM's post.
Jul 12, 2020 15:05 (IST)

BJP's Gajendra Singh Shekhawat took to Twitter saying, 'Congress misleads'

Jul 12, 2020 15:00 (IST)

Ashok Gehlot Accuses BJP of Offering Rs 15 cr to MLAs, Trying to Topple His Govt

Jul 12, 2020 14:46 (IST)

General Secretary of All India Congress Committee Reacts on Rajasthan Political Upheaval

Jul 12, 2020 14:33 (IST)

CM Gehlot Says He Got Probe Summons Too | “Notices from the SOG have come to the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Chief Whip and some other ministers and MLAs in the context of the Congress Legislature Party complaining of horse-trading by BJP leaders. It is not appropriate to present it differently by some media,” says CM Gehlot. 


Rajasthan Crisis LIVE Updates: Cong MLA Says Went to Delhi for Personal Reasons, Others Also Explain Visit; BJP 'Eagerly Waiting' for Outcome of Gehlot Meeting
Rajasthan Congress MLA Rohit Bohra (Twitter/@ANI)

In a veiled attack on Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot, Sachin Pilot's wife on Sunday tweeted that even that magicians start sweating when the deputy CM takes the Delhi route. Sources said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Pilot had been in touch over a last couple of days. However, they assured that the issue will be resolved soon. The statement seems to be aimed at Gehlot, who belongs to a magician's family and is also credited for conjuring the chief ministerial post for himself.

Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot on Sunday arrived in Delhi with 16 MLAs considered loyal to him and three independent MLAs as the crisis in the Congress government in the state deepened due to his feud with chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

According to sources, Pilot is upset that he was served summons on Saturday under section 120-B of the Indian Penal Code (criminal conspiracy) in a probe against BJP's alleged attempt to destabilise the government. The summons, sources said may be the last straw for Pilot, who has had clashes with Gehlot since even before the Congress formed the government in the state.

The deputy CM met senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot late on Saturday night and tikd him that chief minister Ashok Gehlot was trying to sideline him, and was given assurances that “injustice will not be allowed to happen to him”.

The meeting followed fast-paced political developments in Jaipur that have sent alarm bells ringing in Congress high command as a deepening rift between Gehlot and Pilot threatens of a fate similar to what happened in Madhya Pradesh, where Jyotiraditya Scindia walked out the government with his MLAs, leading to the downfall of the Congress.

Sources said that Congress’ interim chief Sonia Gandhi is likely to speak to Pilot on Sunday to douse the fire even as BJP looks to take advantage of the political slugfest.

In Jaipur, CM Gehlot called a meeting with his ministers and and MLAs. Chief whip Mahesh Joshi, Deputy chief whip Mahendra Chaudhary are among those present at Gehlot’s house.

The CM had on Saturday accused the opposition BJP of trying to topple his government by offering his legislators large sums of money. He alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah were unable to "tolerate" him or his government and were therefore planning a conspiracy.

Rejecting Gehlot's allegations, BJP state president Satish Poonia said the political situation in the state was the result of infighting in the Congress and the chief minister was just trying to shift the blame.