Sachin Pilot Should Have Persevered for Some Time, Says Congress's Veerappa Moily

Congress leader Veerappa Moily. (Twitter/@moilyv)

Congress leader Veerappa Moily. (Twitter/@moilyv)

Moily, in an interview to CNN-News18, denied that the party had neglected Sachin Pilot.

Marya Shakil
  • CNN-News18
  • Last Updated: July 16, 2020, 5:58 PM IST
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The tussle surrounding the power struggle in Rajasthan does not seem to be ending.

Senior Congress leader Veerappa Moily, in an interview to CNN-News18, denied that the party had neglected Sachin Pilot.

“At a very young age, Pilot was made an MP, a Union minister and then PCC president and deputy chief minister," said Moily. “He reached that level at an early stage and would have ended up as a chief minister. But one has to have some perseverance and tolerance for some time. After all, the Congress party is in itself going through some difficult times.”

Taking a shot at the BJP, Moily accused the party of interfering and dumping other party leaders.

“If Sachin Pilot joins the BJP, he is not going to become the chief minister. These are the limitations. He should also think that a man-eater like the BJP, which has power at the Centre, wants the Congress government shunned. They have no tolerance for any other political party. It is unfortunate that young leaders who really are good and coming off very well are taken away and dumped somewhere.”

Condemning Pilot's actions over the past few days, the former Karnataka Chief Minister said, “Sachin Pilot has to think if he’s not going to join the BJP, then why embarrass the Congress? The high command and also every senior leader did try to convince him to come back. If there any problems, they can be solved if he comes back. You don’t betray your mother party.”

Moily accepted the generation gap between party leaders but said it has existed since before independence and has been resolved.

“This competition between leaders at the state level has always been there. But at the same time, the party is the best instrument of putting them together. The Congress has always had the power to sustain everybody together; leaders with various views continued to be in one single party,” he added.

Proposing a solution to this power struggle between leaders, Moily said, “The leaders should not condemn each other. The thought that older generation should quit is also wrong. It is the role of the AICC in-charge of various states to work actively. They should spend at least 18-20 days in a particular state.”

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