Split Wide Open: Chautala Matriarch Lashes Out at Grandsons, Calls Them Unworthy

File photo of OP Chautala

File photo of OP Chautala

The catalyst of the outburst was the Delhi govt's denial of furlough to OP Chautala, who was sent back to Tihar from LNJP hospital on Monday.

Ramlal Kondal
  • News18
  • Last Updated: January 23, 2019, 2:00 PM IST
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Chandigarh: The Chautala clan in Haryana has fallen apart. And now, the bitterness that had been simmering for long, has come out in the open, especially after INLD patriarch OP Chautala was denied furlough by the Delhi government.

The feud, which had started barely months ago, has taken a turn for the worse with even OP Chautala’s wife jumping into the melee.

Snehlata, who is undergoing treatment at the Medanta hospital in Gurugram, on Tuesday lashed out at her grandsons Dushyant and Digvijay, labelling them ‘unworthy’. The elderly woman went to the extent of stopping her grandsons from touching her bier in the eventuality of her death.

“Agar main mar bhi jaun to ye charon (Ajay Chautala family) meri arthi ko haath na lagaein aur mujhe dekhne bhi na aye (Even if I die, these four should neither touch my funeral bier nor even come to see me),” she said from her hospital bed.

Son Abhay Chautala too spoke in the same vein. “I make it clear that I have no relationship with them (Dushyant and Digvijay). If somebody indulges in such sort of conspiracy against my father and mother, then I will severe my ties with them”.

He even launched a tirade against his sister-in-law Nania Chautala, whom he blamed for the feud in the family. “She is the one responsible for what has taken place in the family. She is to be blamed for all this mess. Today, she says her children have been betrayed. Can she tell us how many times she met our mother in the hospital in the past five months,” Abhay said.

The catalyst of this outburst was denial of furlough to OP Chautala, who was shifted back to Tihar from the LNJP hospital on Monday.

A livid Chautala subsequently shot a letter to his cadres wherein he called his grandsons ‘traitors’. “Dushyant, Digvijay and (Arvind) Kejriwal connived to deny me a furlough,” he wrote, asking the electorate of Jind to ‘teach a lesson to the traitors’ by making INLD candidate Umedh Singh Redhu victorious.

Digvijay is contesting the Jind bypoll as a Jananayak Janata Party (JJP) candidate, a party floated by elder brother Dushyant.

Reacting to the charges, Digvijay asked uncle Abhay to specify when did the two brothers betray the family? “Sheeshey galatiyon se tut tey hain, aur rishtey galatfehmiyon se (mirrors break by mistake, relationships due to misunderstandings),” said Dushyant, in a bid to convey that his grandfather had some sort of a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, in Jind, Naina Chautala, canvassing for her younger son Digvijay shed some tears while recollecting the ‘tough times’ her children were going through.

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