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Tamil Nadu 'poll gifts' have many takers

By: The New Indian Express

Last Updated: April 23, 2011, 13:30 IST

Tamil Nadu 'poll gifts' have many takers

Agents believe that leaders in Tamil Nadu keep the promises given during the election time.

KATTAPPANA: Murugan Swami is a popular figure among residents in Kattappana. Every month, he appears in the streets of Kattappana selling electronic goods like TV, mixer, and grinder purchased from Tamil Nadu where these were given as remuneration for votes in the Assembly election.

And, post Assembly elections, agents like Murugan believe that their business will see a big boom with more advanced gadgets being promised to the voters after the new government comes into power.

"Laptops, refrigerator, washing machine and microwave oven were promised by the political parties. If these parties keep their promise like the last time, we will have a great time. A woman in Kumily has ordered for a microwave oven and a computer centre at Kattappana has ordered for six laptops," Murugan said.

Last time, the DMK had promised every voter a color TV set and a grinder. With power shortage and long electricity disruptions being order of the day, the ordinary people of Tamil Nadu sell these products to agents like Murugan who in turn sell them in areas like Kattappana, Kumily , Munnar and Nedumgandam for much higher price.

"I take orders for TV, grinder and mixer every month. I travel to Theni and Kambam where people sell these goods. Portable TV costs Rs 1,200 while grinder is sold at Rs 800. Every month about 10-20 TV sets are sold in Kattappana. Grinders are also in good demand here. The price for the laptops has not been decided," Murugan says. Murugan adds that unlike political parties in Kerala, leaders in Tamil Nadu keep the promises given during the election time.
first published:April 23, 2011, 13:30 IST
last updated:April 23, 2011, 13:30 IST