Torture, Treatment, Threat: Three Ts of Sadhvi Pragya's First Election Campaign

File photo of Bhopal MP  Pragya Singh Thakur.

File photo of Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur.

Without naming Congress’ Digvijaya Singh, Thakur warned the public against the ‘imported candidate’ sitting in Bhopal who had distorted the mindset of people and conspired against the nation.

Vivek Trivedi
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Bhopal: On the first day of her election campaign, BJP Bhopal candidate Pragya Thakur narrated the horrendous tale of her alleged custodial torture. She also launched personal attacks at Digvijaya Singh, the Congress candidate from the parliamentary seat.

Addressing party workers in Bhopal, Thakur broke down while narrating the alleged custodial tortures inflicted on her after being arrested in connection with 2008 Malegaon blasts.

“On day one I wasn’t asked anything, was beaten up by leather belts, wasn’t offered food for 24 hours. I was offered only water,” said Thakur.

She also alleged being beaten with belts round the clock for several days. They just wanted to make me accept my involvement in the blasts, she said.

The 46-year-old seer recalled how her hands were dipped in salted water while persistently being threatened to be hung upside down.

Thakur, who was inducted in BJP on Wednesday and named as Bhopal candidate, while describing her ordeal, alleged that her backbone was broken and she was bedridden for nine years and could not even move.

“I was put under Narco, polygraph test and brain mapping thrice each and it was because of the chemicals used in the process, I developed cancer,” said Thakur.

“I was resolute that you can beat me, break me, kill me but can’t make me say what you wish to,” she told party workers.

Without naming Congress’ Digvijaya Singh, Thakur also warned the public against the ‘imported candidate’ sitting in Bhopal. She alleged that he distorted the mindset of people and conspired against the nation.

Our nation was in danger because of these traitors, Thakur said. She urged the party workers not to sit comfortably until the polling was done.

The BJP candidate for Bhopal also alleged that talking about saffron terrorism was like raping the 'bhagwa'.

Besides, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, former Chief Minister of the state, had jumped into the defence of Pragya Thakur for calling the Bhopal polls a 'dharma yudhha'. He said ‘dharma yuddha’ does not mean religious war, it means the fight of truth and justice.

During her address to party workers, the seer turned politician also drew an episode of Sita’s abduction from the epic Ramayana to attack Digvijaya Singh and his second wife Amrita Singh.

Thakur claimed the one who is in the fourth stage of life – sanyas, snatches someone else’s wife, who is his daughter’s age and later makes her say that she was with him with consent. She also dubbed his bad character and disrespect towards women.

Earlier in the day, Thakur was in Ujjain to seek the blessings of lord Mahakal.

During the day a poem said to be penned by Thakur had gone viral on social media in which the terror suspect pleaded innocence and expressed commitment to the nation and Hindutva.

Through the poem, Thakur also suggested that she was falsely implicated in the terror cases.

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