Rahul Gandhi: PM Says 'Chalo Yoga Karo' When Farmers are Dying, Unemployment Plaguing Youth

Congress president Rahul Gandhi at Congress plenary session in New Delhi on March 18, 2018.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi at Congress plenary session in New Delhi on March 18, 2018.

Congress President likened BJP to the arrogant Kauravas in the Mahabharat and said his party, like Pandavas, is designed to fight for the truth while BJP is designed to fight for power.


Sneha Mordani

New Delhi: Taking the stage amid a roaring applause, Congress president Rahul Gandhi started off his speech at the 84th plenary session of the Congress party by comparing the BJP-RSS to the Kauravas while likening the Congress party with the "humble" Pandavas.

At the party event on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi was in a mood to spare none. From calling BJP president Amit Shah a "murder accused" to attacking PM Modi for diverting attention from issues such as unemployment and farmer suicides, Gandhi sounded the poll bugle for the 2019 General Elections and said that it is a "fight between two ideologies".

He said, “PM Modi diverts attention from real issues by organising 'fancy events'. There is no employment, farmers are dying and the PM says let us do Yoga in front of the India Gate.”

Rahul Gandhi launched a personal attack on Amit Shah and said, "People will accept a man accused of murder as the president of the party but they will never ever accept the same in the Congress party because they hold Congress in the highest regard."

The party president was also in mood for some self-criticism when he hinted at an organisational restructuring and even observed that some of the Congress leaders might not like his words. He said, "There is a wall that stands between the Congress party leaders and party workers. It is seen when a man drops down from a parachute and bags an election ticket while a hardworking party worker is told that you don't have the money to get a party ticket.

"But when we gave tickets to the Congress workers in Gujarat, it showed results. Modiji was seen flying away in a seaplane. When we truly empower Congress workers in future, PM Modi will be seen in a submarine.”

The Congress president likened the BJP to the "arrogant" Kauravas in the Mahabharata and said his party, like the Pandavas, is designed to fight for the truth while BJP is designed to fight for power. Rahul also called BJP the voice of an organisation whereas Congress is the voice of the nation.

Gandhi also said that people will accept that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is drunk with power "because they know what it is designed for".

"So what does Modi actually mean? It symbolises the collusion between India's biggest crony capitalists and the PM," Gandhi said. Referring to the diamantaire Nirav Modi and the PNB fraud, along with Lalit Modi, Gandhi said that they share the same surname as the prime minister, which is a very significant thing to observe.

Lashing out at BJP’s parent organization, the RSS, he said, "Ideas of the RSS were reflected when youths of the minority community in Una were being beaten up. They say to Muslims, you don't belong here. They ask the Tamils to change their beautiful language. They tell the people from the Northeast, 'We do not like you're food'. They told Gauri Lankesh and Kalburgi to shut up or they will be killed. They tell women to wear the right clothes or they will be thrashed.”

He also blamed the RSS for the rift in the Supreme Court by referring to the four seniormost judges' unprecedented press conference earlier this year. “For the first time, we saw that four judges were running to the common man to seek justice. The RSS is to blame for it. They only want one institution, which is the RSS,” Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday.

In an evident outreach to the youth, he outlined the Congress’ poll plank of jobless growth in the country. Earlier in the day former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh also said that Prime Minister Modi had promised to create 2 crore jobs and hardly 2 lakh jobs had been created.

Senior party leader P Chidambaram also took on the Modi government over its growth claims and demonetisation. On Saturday, former party chief Sonia Gandhi had addressed party workers, calling Modi’s pre-poll promises “dramebaazi”.

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