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Woman Congress MLA Dares Speaker, Evicted from TN Assembly

S Vijayadharani (Facebook)

S Vijayadharani (Facebook)

Speaker P Dhanapal, who expunged the remarks made by S Vijayadharini, said she spoke in an intimidating fashion and challenged him to take action.

Chennai: A woman Congress member was evicted from the Tamil Nadu Assembly on Tuesday after she insisted on raising a matter and dared Speaker P Dhanapal to take action against her.

After S Vijayadharani was evicted by the watch and ward staff on his orders, Dhanapal condemned her behaviour, saying this was not the first time she had conducted herself in the House in this manner.

He warned of sterner action in future if she continued with such demeanour.

When Congress Legislature Party leader K R Ramasamy later tried to raise the matter of her eviction, the Speaker told him not to divert the issue, following which all the party members staged a walk out in protest.

Earlier, Vijayadharani said she wanted to raise an issue related to her native Kanyakumari district, but Dhanapal disallowed her, saying it could not be taken up immediately as she had given notice for it only at 9.40am.

As the MLA insisted that she be allowed to raise the matter, the Speaker asked her to take her seat.

When she persisted with her demand, Dhanapal firmly told her that it cannot be allowed and cautioned her that he may have to take action against her.

When she dared him to take action, Dhanapal summoned the House watch and ward staff and ordered her eviction.

As the women staffers surrounded her, she argued with them as well and objected when she was taken out.

Dhanapal, who expunged the remarks made by Vijayadharini, said she spoke in an intimidating fashion and challenged him to take action.

Even after this, if he had not acted “there is no meaning in my occupying this chair (of Speaker),” he added.

The Speaker said this was not the first time Vijayadharani had conducted herself in such a manner violating the House rules.

“You saw her behaviour, it is condemnable. I had no other choice. So far, I have not ordered the eviction of any woman member of the House,” he said.

Later, when Ramasamy sought to raise the issue, deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam said Vijayadharani did not take her seat despite the Speaker's direction and asked the Congress members not to continue with that episode.

Ramasamy himself had been regretful about Vijayadharani's behaviour when he had met him in his chamber, Dhanapal said and asked the Congress legislature party leader if he was now going to justify her behaviour.

DMK deputy leader Duraimurugan, in his humorous style, struck a pacifying tone and said the legislator be allowed (to take up the issue) on Wednesday.

Later, speaking to reporters outside the House, Vijayadharani said she intended to raise a plea for solatium to the next of kin of three persons who died of electrocution in Kanyakumari district. Among them, one belonged to her Vilavancode constituency, she said.

The Congress MLA claimed a representation was given to electricity minister P Thangamani in this regard and a notice for calling attention was submitted to raise it in the House.

Chief minister K Palaniswami told the House later that based on the representations of legislators — irrespective of party affiliation — solatium was being given by the government to the kin of victims in such incidents.