Engine, chassis, windshield, dashboard: and we’re not even talking about a car. It’s a watch

Engine, chassis, windshield, dashboard: and we’re not even talking about a car. It’s a watch

Pushing the limits of horology today, Aventi brings the power of a V12 engine to your wrist.


One look at the Aventi A-10 Collection, and it’s easy to see where designers found their inspiration: the supercar.

While the expected shape of timepieces remains largely unchanged for decades, Aventi’s design emulates the aerodynamic look of today’s hottest sports cars, with its 68 angles and 114 surfaces.

The shape of an Aventi watch isn’t the only departure from traditional horology. The materials used, even its “engine”, reads more like the specifications of a Ferrari, rather than a watch.

The “chassis” is made from automotive-grade titanium, with its 3020-degree melting point, density of 4.51/cm³ and the highest strength to weight ratio among metals, ensures the case holds true through even the most extreme conditions.

The “engine”, Aventi’s most prized aspect of the A-10 Collection, is a skeletonized two-barrel tourbillon movement, boasting 25 jewels, with a frequency of 28,800 vph and an impressive 72 hours of power reserve. This gravity-defying movement is custom made to fit Aventi’s intricate case.

To mimic the same feeling as propping the hood of a Lamborghini, while watching its engine roar, the “windshield” is made up of 99.9996% pure sapphire crystal. Formed in a highly controlled laboratory, the crystal has a rigidity rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, just below diamond. It measures up to 2000kg/mm² hardness and a density of 3.98kg/m³. With an industry first 5x anti-reflective coating on both sides.

Cerakote, a multi-step ceramic-based finish, is layered over the case for additional strength and protection. Cerakote is nearly unheard of in the watchmaking world outside of watch-mod enthusiasts but is very well-known for applications in militaries and automotive designs.

Aventi’s flagship model, the A-10 Sapphire Crystal, features the world’s most complicated sapphire crystal case, giving a nearly 360° view of its powerfully oscillating movement. While there are other 100% sapphire crystal cases, most come with a price tag reaching into hundreds of thousands of dollars and aren’t nearly as complex as Aventi’s model.

By sourcing its premium materials outside of normal watchmaking channels, Aventi offers its premier collection at a fraction of the price of its high-end counterparts. With an early-optin price of less than $1000 via a crowdfunding campaign, this superwatch brings the power of today’s most luxurious high-performance cars to your wrist, at a price that’s incredible.

Are you ready to own the world’s first superwatch for under a grand? Learn more about how to secure a supercar for your wrist from Aventi’s crowdfunding campaign at www.aventiwatch.com.

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