ValueScaling Education with ELearning

ValueScaling Education with ELearning

Valuescaling is letting an initiative grow in size and quality, at an optimum cost.

According to reports, the global e-learning industry grew by 900% in the last 20 years. It is expected to triple its size by 2025 with some of the biggest global e-learning markets like Thailand, Philippines, India, and China growing with 30% annual growth rate.

The self-paced e-learning market, however, is said to be declining. So, the learners need the discipline of a classroom with the convenience of a personal study room. Here, gamification of learning comes into play. This concept is fuelled by the amalgamation of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Educators need to be where the learners are. The future of education is already here.

The biggest question here is what if we could create an interactive game for learning? COVID-19 seems to have already set the path for uninhibited learning, with the schoolteachers doing their job online. Mothers say they feel more in control now, as she can keep an eye on what the child is doing.

E-Learning, as a concept, removes many roadblocks to online learning - Parents with zero experience of digital learning, Teachers who cannot decide the right mix between traditional learning and technology, and the duplicity of work in following schedules of school and other popular apps.

Classrooms are not going away soon but need to be supplemented with online methods. It will help not only students caught in emergency situations like COVID19, but differently abled children, kids whose parents have to stay abroad for long duration and those staying in distant locations. The whole concept of a school, and opportunities available to educational institutions will expand.

ValueScale - Learning Management Solutions

We will need more and more technology providers to support the transition. Schools have reported chaos in the first few days of implementing changes. ValueScale is one such industry leader, offering comprehensive e-learning and learning management solutions (LMS) to coaching institutes, schools, corporates & start-ups with complete customisations and freedom to suit their individual requirements.

Ankit Khurana, CEO, ValueScale, holds his majors in Finance And Analytics, which he used to solve calling problems since his past job at Rivigo. On the concept of E-learning at large, Ankit says, “Educational institutions of India from schools to colleges to coaching institutes which prepare students for competitive exams have to think beyond cost & capital inputs, to develop their own solutions. It will solve the massive confusion between multiple learning applications for parents and students in these difficult times.”

A recent report says that the biggest barrier in adoption of institution-owned online teaching platforms in India, is unavailability of reliable technology teams at the educational institutions, to define the relevant product and its features.

Abhishek Mishra & Ashish Ahuja, Core team members at Valuescale add, “Using technology as an enabler, we at ValueScale are trying to remove this barrier by providing affordable learning management solutions without compromising on performance or features. In the early stage of Valuescale operations, our biggest motivation came from appreciation notes of educators across geographies and owners of educational institutions. It explains how customized solution ended the confusion and got them unbelievable returns on investment.”

It is high time for educational institutions to launch their own learning management solutions with lessons, projects, assignments, problem-solving spaces, chatbots, prescribed e-learning log-in hours, and a platform for idea contributions from students. The platform will become a launchpad for many big initiatives in future.

Why do we need ValueScaling at all?

Valuescaling is letting an initiative grow in size and quality, at an optimum cost. Elearning technology sure costs less than building a hundred new campuses and managing them. It provides an international reach to tap larger markets and help students who need our systems and expertise. It also means the creation of a franchise network of educators to carry your brand forward with minimum investment, and no dilution in quality.

Valuescaling means never having your students deal with the scarcity of new editions of textbooks. It is being there for your students, both real-time and through asynchronous resources. So, are you up for it?

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  • First Published: April 17, 2020, 16:42 IST
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