A Group of Cats Indulge in Some Synchronised Spectatorship, Leaving Netizens in Awe

A Group of Cats Indulge in Some Synchronised Spectatorship, Leaving Netizens in Awe

Sports enthusiasts from the feline world look focused while watching a game of catch. Video gets viral on twitter.

With sporting events from Tokyo Olympics 2020 to Wimbledon tournament getting cancelled this year, fans of all kinds including cats have been disappointed. But a recent video on Twitter shows how the feline sports fans are coping by indulging in some engaging matches in their localities.

Netizens are in awe of three curious cats watching a game of catch from their window with intense dedication. With their eyes fixated on the ball, the three cats move their heads in an amazing synchronisation, reminding many tweeters of watching a match of tennis.

The video was shared by author Dick King Smith, who captioned it as, “Sports fans of the day.” The video was originally posted on imgur, a website known for posting adorable animal videos beside other stuff.

Sitting in a height-wise order, the reaction of the cats looked something straight out of an animated movie. The tweeters also pointed out how the cat in the middle behaved a bit out of order for a while as it bent its neck a little too much. They wondered maybe the middle cat was into viewing things from an upside-down perspective. We won’t be surprised, it’s a cat after all.

One user commented, “Middle one is getting fighty doing that head thing.”

While one sceptic user wondered if the cats’ heads are being controlled by some invisible rope. “It may be cute but I have this uneasy feeling about these kittens,” Bob Dilan commented.

Cats have been entertaining netizens stuck at home in the pandemic through their weird, wild, and eccentric existence on the internet. In another video from Turkey, a cat made a surprise entry running across a racing track during a 100 meter run, leaving the athletes confused and dodging the feline creature.

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