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Alexander Zverev Found Partying After Adria Tour Debacle, Nick Kyrgios Turns the Heat on Him

Alexander Zverev (Photo Credit: @delJontro)

Alexander Zverev (Photo Credit: @delJontro)

A video went viral on social media where Alexander Zverev can be seen partying with a large crowd six days after saying he will self-isolate following Adria Tour Covid debacle.

Alexander Zverev has come under intense scrutiny once again after a video of him partying with a large crowd went viral on social media, one that shows him potentially breaking the self-isolation rules.

On June 22, a day after Grigor Dimitrov announced his positive coronavirus test, Alexander Zverev tested negative for the virus but apologised for participating in the Adria Tour. He said in his social media post that he will "follow the self-isolating guidelines by our doctors" and will get regularly tested.

All over the world, the quarantining guidelines are for 14 days and Zverev was seen at the party six days after making the announcement.

Since the video went viral, all such videos have been edited or deleted from the accounts they were posted from.

Apart from Zverev, Lucas Pouille, who is currently playing at Patrick Mouratoglou's Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) was also seen in the party.

Following the controversy, Nick Kyrgios, who had previously blasted the players for the "boneheaded decision" of playing in the Adria Tour, turned the heat on Sascha Zverev for acting irresponsibly.

"So I wake up and see more controversial stuff happening all over the world but one that stuck out for me was seeing Sascha Zverev, again man again, how selfish can you be, how selfish can you be.

"If you have the f***ing audacity to put out a tweet that you made your manager write on your behalf, saying you're going to self-isolate for 14 days and apologising to the general public about putting their health at risk, at least have the audacity to stay inside for 14 days. Have your girlfriend with you for f***ing 14 days. Jesus man, piss me off.

"Seriously, how selfish can you all get?" he exclaimed.