Athletes Asked to Sign Consent Form to Resume Training in SAI's New SOP

Image for collective representation of sports. (Photo Credit: Reuters/News18)

Image for collective representation of sports. (Photo Credit: Reuters/News18)

Sports Authority of India has asked athletes to consent to taking the risk themselves to resume training amid the current fears of coronavirus.

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  • Last Updated: May 22, 2020, 10:36 AM IST
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Athletes will have to resume training at their own risk, according to Sports Authority of India's (SAI) new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as sports slowly gets back up after a two-month suspension due to coronavirus.

SAI released its SOP on Thursday, which paved way for the resumption of training for the athletes as the document explained all the rules and regulations in place to ensure as much safety as possible.

However, the document also had in it a consent form for the athletes where they are required to declare that they are putting themselves at risk in order to train again and SAI will not be responsible if they catch coronavirus.

The consent form requires the athletes to "acknowledge the risks associated with resuming training at the centre under the present Covid-19 pandemic situation."

The rest of the points in the consent form are:

1. I hereby acknowledge that the risks involved, necessary precautions and protocols for resumption of training have been duly informed to me by _______ (name of NSF) and the centre.

2. I hereby acknowledge the centre cannot guarantee the complete elimination of risks posed by COVID-19 through the implementation of the precautions and protocols identified by the centre.

3. I hereby declare that I am willing to resume training at the centre on my own consent without the influence of any other party and I shall adhere to suggested safety precautions and protocols at the centre.

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The National Sports Federations (NSFs) are also required to sign an undertaking, where they are also acknowledging the risks of resuming training in the current scenario, declared that they have studied the SOP in detail and that they will adhere to the protocols of the SOP and government orders.

The SOP mentions in details as to what activities are permitted under various sports.

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Sharing of equipment is not permitted in any sport while social distancing is a must. In hockey, activities requiring player to "kneel, sit or lie on turf is prohibited" and tackling is also out of bounds.

In badminton and table tennis, outdoor training has been advised and if athletes are training indoors, it can be only for singles. Human sparring in boxing, wrestling and fencing is prohibited right now.

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