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Chhatrasal Stadium Murder: Ukranian Woman is the 'Key' to Sushil Kumar’s Case - Reports

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Last Updated: June 15, 2021, 16:50 IST

Sushil Kumar (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sushil Kumar (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Sushil Kumar is the country's only two-time Olympic medallist. But currently, he is behind the bars for his involvement in the homicide of wrestler Sagar Dhankad.

Police investigating the homicide of wrestler Sagar Dhankar are hinting at the involvement of a Ukrainian woman. According to the cops, the woman appears to be the main point of rivalry between Dhankad and the jailed Olympian, Sushil Kumar. The investigation team is looking forward to quiz the Ukrainian woman as they believe she will be able to reveal how the enmity between both wrestlers escalated, The Times of India reported. Woman’s whereabouts have been shrouded and she allegedly used to frequently visit Sushil’s flat in Model Town. None of the suspects and complainants have an idea about her present location. It is said that she was an acquaintance of Dhankad’s associates Amit and Sonu Mahaal. Sonu is the nephew of fugitive gangster Kala Jathedi.

Amit and Sonu were also assaulted by Sushil along with Dhankad on the eve of the homicide. It is alleged that Ajay Kumar, who has been arrested with Sushil, had started liking the Ukrainian woman. Link of the case with the lady came out due to a selfie, which was clicked during a birthday party at Sushil’s flat. The selfie, at first, became a prime reason for the clash between Sonu and Ajay. Where Sonu got Dhankad’s support, Ajay had Sushil on his side. They had a verbal spat, due to which Ajay felt insulted. Later, it is believed he had instigated the Olympic star to get revenge on Dhankad and Sonu.

Previously, Sushil was not on good terms with Dhankad and Sonu but the enmity was not upfront. The Indian wrestler had asked them to vacate his flat. The fugitive gangster Jathedi was anguished with Sushil’s behavior. The difference further grew when Dhankad allegedly poached around 50-60 wrestlers from Chhatrasal Stadium. He joined hands with a coach named Vijender, who was removed from Chhatrasal by Sushil. The duo allegedly opened an ‘akhaada’ in Nangloi and started to coach wrestlers, who used to visit Chhatrasal stadium. The 37-year-old was livid since this developmentand wished to teach Dhankad a lesson.

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    Ajay’s verbal spat over the Ukrainian lady became the tipping point and the 2 teams turned rival. Sushil was determined to settle the score with them therefore, he kidnapped Dhankad, Sonu, and three others. He brought them to Chhatrasal Stadium on the evening of May 4 and brutally assaulted them. Later, Dhankad succumbed to his injuries.

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    first published:June 15, 2021, 16:50 IST
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