Cody Rhodes Speaks on His Dad Dusty Rhodes' Legacy Ahead of WWE Starrcade

WWE Starrcade (Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Starrcade (Photo Credit: WWE)

Wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes conceptualised Starrcade back in 1983 and AEW star Cody Rhodes reflected on his father's legacy

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WWE Starrcade was conceptualised in 1983 by Dusty Rhodes. Now, prior to the WWE Starrcade event, AEW star Cody Rhodes posted a comment on his father Dusty Rhodes and his legacy.

Taking to Twitter, the AEW star wrote, "Wondered why I was having such an introspective day. Then I saw Starrcade was happening. Gone from this Earth, but undeniably Dad has had such a positive influence on pro-wrestling the last few years." He further posted, "It's wonderful. He believed in making moments that lasted. Live forever Dream!"

Cody Rhodes' tweet was met with a lot of positive reactions on social media, including a tweet from WWE wrestler Natalya, who commented with a series of emojis.

A number of other social media users also posted in the thread, with one user writing, "I will always view Starrcade and The Great American Bash as the signature NWA/WCW events," with another posting, "It's cool to see your Fathers dreams (no pun intended) live on. And to see Ric Flair, Arguably his greatest rival, on the show as well as Charlotte. I'm feeling nostalgic for this show. Regardless of whether it's considered a "house show". Your father meant a lot to this business."

Here's what they wrote:

Starrcade was originally produced under the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) banner by NWA member Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP). In 1988, Turner broadcasting bought JCP and it became a property of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), with Starrcade being held 2000.

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