'Denmark Open Was the Final Straw, I Retire': PV Sindhu Ready to Let Go Covid-19 Negativity

PV Sindhu (Photo Credit: AP)

PV Sindhu (Photo Credit: AP)

PV Sindhu said she was retiring from 'substandard hygiene standards and our lackadaisical attitude' towards the coronavirus.

PV Sindhu gave her fans a mini-heart attack with a 'retirement' post only to confirm that she was not retiring from the game but from the fear and negativity surrounding the coronavirus. She said she was not ready to let the current state of unrest "define our future and the future of the next generation". Sindhu gave the message that she would fight the virus and the fears surrounding it.

Sindhu said with the case at the Denmark Open, where the Indian contingent could not play and was forced to pull out after Lakshya Sen father's tested positive for coronavirus, she felt should could not let the fear govern them all anymore.

Sindhu said she would continue practicing for the tournaments ahead and would not let these times bog her down. She refused to "give up without a solid fight".

Here is Sindhu's full post in text:

I've been thinking about coming clean with my feeling for a while now. I admit I have been struggling to deal with it. It just feels so wrong, you know. That's why I'm writing today to tell you that I'm done. It's understandable if you're shocked or confused but by the time you finish reading this you would have learnt about my point of view, and hopefully, will support it too.

This pandemic has been an eye-opener for me. I could train hard to fight the toughest of opponents, tooth and nail, right till the final shot of the game. I have done it before, I can do it again. But how do I defeat this invisible virus that has the entire world in a fix? It has been months at home and we still question ourselves every time we step out. Internalizing all this and reading about so many heart-breaking stories online has got me to question a log about myself and this world we live in. Not being able to represent India in the Denmark Open was the last straw.

Today, I choose to retire from this current state of unrest. I retire from the negativity, the constant fear, uncertainty. I choose to retire from a complete lack of control over the unknown.

Most importantly, I choose to retire from substandard hygiene standards and our lackadaisical attitude towards the virus.

We must not digress; we need to be better prepared. We must defeat this virus together. The choices we make today will define our future and the future of the next generation. We cannot afford to let them down.

I may have given you guys a mini-heart attack; unprecedented times requires unprecedented measures. I guess I needed to get you guys to sit up and take notice. That being said, we must be hopeful about the light shining at the end of the tunnel. Yes, Denmark Open didn't happen but that won't stop me from training. When life comes at you, one must come back twice as hard. So will I for the Asia Open. I refuse to give up without putting up a solid fight. I refuse to give up without conquering this fear. And will carry on doing so till we have a safer world.

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