Dominic Thiem Clarifies His Statement About Not Wanting to Help Lower-ranked Tennis Professionals

Dominic Thiem (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Dominic Thiem (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Dominic Thiem admitted his statement about lower-ranked professionals was harsh but said there were some players he did not want to support.

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Dominic Thiem took to clarifying his statements about his disagreement with The Big Three's plans to organise aid for players struggling with the paralysis of the game due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thiem, in an interview with Austria's Krone Sport, had said that not even lower-ranked tennis players will be "fighting to survive" and "none of them are going to starve".

He said that his experience competing on the sport's Futures circuit had shown him that there are "many, many players who don't put the sport above everything else and don't live in a professional manner" and said he wouldn't want to give money to "such players".

Now Thiem has clarified his point, admitting that his previous commented came out a bit "harsh". However, he also said that he would prefer if he could choose who he wanted to help.

"There are a few things that bother me. There are 2,000 players in the rankings, the ones further down are definitely there.

"There are some players I would not like to support. So I'd prefer the player got to choose and then it would benefit the ones who really need it. There are going to be others who need it more than probably every single athlete," he said in another interview to Austrian local media.

Thiem faced criticism from Australian star Nick Kyrgios who said the two-time French Open runner-up was failing to understand the big picture.

"He (Thiem) still doesn't understand the point," Kyrgios wrote on Instagram.

"We at the top get paid far too much and there is not enough to go around, it's about helping where we can, professional or unprofessional, put yourself in their shoes."

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