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Former Wrestler Aims for a Guinness Book Record with 210 Squats in 180 Seconds

Appasaheb Gaikwad

Appasaheb Gaikwad

Appasaheb Gaikwad will aim to etch his name in the Guinness Book record of performing 210 squats in three minutes

Creating or attempting for the prestigious Guinness World Records is not an easy task. It is an exhaustive list which features the world’s tallest to shortest person, fastest run, land, air or water speed records and even bizarre records which find a place in the GWR. In one such attempt, a former kabbadi player from a small village in Maharashtra is aiming to finish 210 squats in 180 seconds.

Appasaheb Gaikwad of Supe village in Paithan of Aurangabad, Maharashtra will aim to etch his name in the Guinness Book record of performing 210 squats in three minutes. Dejected by his first attempt in 2018, Gaikwad hopes that he’ll make it this time. His earlier attempt was rejected as the jury found his technique to ‘not be upright’ while performing squats.

According to a report by The Indian Express, the former mud wrester and kabbadi enthusiast is very keen to register his name in the record books as he failed to achieve anything substantial at a higher level in sports.

Since the earlier rejection he has worked hard and improved his performance, stance. In order to achieve the record, he undertook a scientific approach to train and correct his performance. Gaikwad started by placing his feet wider apart with the knee and thighs angled at 90 degrees and keeping his toes flat to reduce effects of gravity, this helped him hit optimum speed to complete the action while keeping upright. He even attached a cable to notice and correct the angling of his body while performing the squats.

He also increased the intake of fish and poultry in his diet and worked towards optimising oxygen levels. With this improved training regime, diet and other exercises he aims to squat 72-74 times in the first minute, 68-70 in the second and going full throttle in the third.

His attempt will be monitored by three witnesses that includes an international gymnastics judge and two advocates. The event will take place at a gymnasium hall in Aurangabad and will be captured by three cameras.

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