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Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Goes Missing at Sea, Asks Lifeguards to Save his 10-year-old Son

Shad Gaspard (Photo Credit: WWE)

Shad Gaspard (Photo Credit: WWE)

Shad Gaspard of Crime Time fame in the WWE, went missing after he went swimming with his 10-year-old son at Venice Beach in California.

Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard went missing at Venice Beach in California after he was caught in a strong wave on Sunday, reported TMZ. Now the latest reports suggest that the US Coast Guard has called off the immediate search for the wrestler.

Gaspard was in the waters with his 10-year-old son and others when the group was caught in a rip current around 4 pm. As they were close to the lifeguards’ tower, help reached soon. A lifeguard specialist working with the Los Angeles Fire Department, Pono Barnes told The KABC, “That group was stuck in one of the rip currents and were swimming just north of the lifeguard tower… That's why lifeguards were able to get there so soon, but unfortunately, one did, however, submerge”.

It is being reported that when lifeguards had reached Gaspard, the 39-year-old had directed the lifeguards to save his son first, which was the last time he was seen. Apparently, another huge wave crashed on him after that. His son has been rescued and did not need to be hospitalized.

According to a report by Wrestling News Source, the search has not been given up officially until a body is found, but the case will be now “downgraded”.

The ex-WWE fighter’s wife took to Instagram to announce that Shad had gone missing on Monday, May 18. With a picture that seems to have been clicked on the beach on Sunday, Siliana urged people to contact her or the police if they knew about Shad’s whereabouts.