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Happy Birthday Sir Alex Ferguson: Inspirational Quotes by the Legend

Sir Alex Ferguson (Photo Credit: AP)

Sir Alex Ferguson (Photo Credit: AP)

Legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates his 79th birthday.

One of the most renowned and successful sports figures in the world, Sir Alex Ferguson left the game with a legacy, which very likely no one can surpass. Whether you are a huge Alex Ferguson fan or not, you will surely think of just one name, Manchester United. He served the English club for 26 years and took the Old Trafford giants to new heights. The Scottish manager celebrates his birthday on Thursday, December 31.

Ferguson is the most successful Premier League manager of all time. During his stewardship from 1986 to 2013, Manchester United won numerous trophies and titles. Throughout his time with the club, Ferguson gave the game many unforgettable moments. He has a reputation for discipline, and has zero tolerance with players over any such issues. Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager of Manchester United in 2013. Fondly addressed by many as Fergie, he continues to support Manchester  United and is a regular fixture at the club’s home matches.

On a day the former manager turns 79, here are some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s quotes to inspire you to live the life of your dreams:

— Ferguson had a name for the time starting from Christmas to the end of the season when the title races would get decided and matches would come thick and fast. “It’s getting tickly now – squeaky-bum time, I call it.” This is what he said in 2013 and the phrase ‘squeaky-bum time’ has become legendary.

— One of the most famous incidents related to SIr Alex involves a boot and David Beckham’s face. Ferguson says, “It was a freakish incident. If I tried it 100 or a million times it couldn’t happen again. If I could I would have carried on playing!”

— On former Italy and AC Milan striker Filippo Inzaghi, who was known as a prolific goalscorer, he said, “That lad must have been born offside.”

— “I tell the players that the bus is moving. This club has to progress. And the bus wouldn’t wait for them. I tell them to get on board.”

— “There is no room for criticism on the training field. For a player – and for any human being – there is nothing better than hearing ‘well done’. Those are the two best words ever invented in sports. You don’t need to use superlatives.”

— “For me, drive means a combination of a willingness to work hard, emotional fortitude, enormous powers of concentration and a refusal to admit defeat.”

— “The experience of defeat, or more particularly the manner in which a leader reacts to it, is an essential part of what makes a winner.”

— “I always felt that our triumphs were an expression of the consistent application of discipline.”

— “Part of the pursuit of excellence involves eliminating as many surprises as possible because life is full of the unexpected.”

— “The way to win battles, wars and games is by attacking and overrunning the opposing side.”

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