Imphal's 9-year-old Boy, Bengaluru FC's Ajay Chhetri Fan, Plays Football with One Limb

Kunal Shrestha (Photo Credit: ANI Twitter)

Kunal Shrestha (Photo Credit: ANI Twitter)

The nine-year-old Kunal Shrestha shows his passion and love for football by playing with one limb.

Kunal Shrestha, a student of class four based out of Imphal, is a die-hard football fan. The lad is not only a fan but also likes to play the sport. Kunal is specially-abled as he only has one limb. However, with his grit, determination, dedication and love for the sport, he started playing the game overcoming all challenges and hurdles in the way.

He told news agency Asian News International, "I love playing football. Initially, I faced problems in balancing, I was scared; but now I have gained confidence. My friends support me a lot. I hope I will score a goal soon."

Kunal, during the lockdown due to coronavirus, has been helping his mother. The fourth grade student assists his mother in preparing popsicles and pani puris. His family sells these snacks in their locality.

Describing how the journey has been with her specially-abled child, Kunal's mother mentioned that she did not want her son to feel any less from other children. She also mentioned that her 9 year old boy never showed any signs of being depressed because of being differently-abled.

She told the news agency, "My son was born without a limb. I vowed to never let him feel different from his peers. He never exhibited low esteem. He learned to ride a bicycle on his own."

Kunal had developed a love for football while kicking a local fruit named 'nobab'. He used to play with the fruit in the Kanglatombi fields. The nine year old boy is a fan of Bengaluru FC player Ajay Chhetri. Ajay is from Kanglatongbi area, which is not far away from Kunal's own locality.

Elaborating upon how her journey of motherhood has been with her specially-abled child, Kunal's mom said, "The birth of my son was an emotional rollercoaster ride. I was excited that I had become a mother, but also overwhelmed to know that my child was born without a leg. I told myself special people are blessed with special kids."

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