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IOA Vice-president Sudhanshu Mittal Urges IOC to Respond to Allegations against Narinder Batra

IOA president Narinder Batra. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

IOA president Narinder Batra. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Sudhanshu Mittal in his letters to IOC had pointed out that Narinder Batra's election as president of the IOA was illegal

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) vice president Sudhanshu Mittal has again written to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), pointing out the alleged abuse of power by Narinder Batra as the president of India's National Olympic Council.

Mittal said that the IOC is yet to make any response to previous letters sent by him to IOC president Thomas Bach and IOC's Ethics Commissioner Chairman Ban Ki-Moon. "I request IOC again to look into the facts, as your silent approval would set the precedent for governance of the National Olympic Committee/Indian Olympic Association in the years to come," said Mittal.

"Besides, the earlier incidents that are informed to you, I also place on record the behaviour of Narinder Dhruv Batra, member of the International Olympic Committee, towards office-bearer of one of the National Sports Federations. It is clear on records that Batra threatened to end the career of a sports official and also cut hands," said Mittal.

Mittal in his previous letters had pointed out that Batra's election as president of the IOA was illegal and he reiterated the argument. This time however, he said that Batra was not part of the Executive Council of the IOA before his election as president.

"Article XI.1.c (page 12) mentions specific eligibility to contest as president and Secretary General. However it shall be a mandatory requirement for elections to the Posts of president and Secretary General that only those members, who had held the office and were elected members in the preceding Executive Council of the IOA, shall be eligible to contest the elections."

Mittal said that the General Body meeting that made the change in the IOA constitution to allow the president and Secretary General to be a member of any of the two preceding Executive Councils was on November 29, 2017 whereas Batra's nomination was filed on November 27, 2017. Moreover, the IOC never accepted the election of the IOA in 2012, which was when Batra was elected into the Executive Council, he said.

"It is to be noted that the tweaking was specifically done only in one clause benefitting just Batra, IOC gives its silent nod, thereafter he offers to host the Session and Games in India, and Batra becomes a member of the International Olympic Committee. Except for the above mentioned, there is no possible reason on records to understand why the International Olympic Committee silently accepted the 2012 election of the Indian Olympic Association in 2017, which has no official acceptance till date," said Mittal.

Mittal also pointed out the alleged irregularity in Batra's status as president of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and his resignation from the post of Hockey India president and said Batra was elected "in violation of the law of the land." He also pointed out Batra "out-of-turn dissolution of the IOA Ethics Commission vide letter dated 19.05.2020."